Google has launched a couple of new features for AdWords, including the ability for advertisers target customers by their email ID’s, Similar Audiences and Universal App Campaigns. The company mentions that these features will roll out to all advertisers over the next few weeks.

Customer Match, the feature that lets target customers by their email ID’s, works by allowing advertisers to upload a list of email addresses, which are then matched to signed in users on Google to let advertisers build campaigns and ads specifically designed for this audience. The platform also lets advertisers generate a list using ‘Similar Audiences’ feature, to target new (but with similar tastes) customers on YouTube and Gmail that might be interested in the product.

On similar lines, the Universal App Campaign will let advertisers advertise their apps across a variety of channels. The feature will be available to all developers and advertisers, and will let them advertise across the Google Display Network, Google Search, YouTube and Google Play. According to Google, the advertiser will only need to provide the ‘desired cost-per-install’, with the rest of the campaign, including setting up images to providing a description, will be automated.

As for the conditions, Google mentions that the email IDs used should have been collected using the user’s permission. Interestingly, the company itself does not seem to be interested in collecting these email IDs, as the feature requires the uploaded email ID’s list to be encrypted with the SHA256 algorithm. Additionally, according to Google, it will only use the email addresses to match to Google IDs and for policy compliance, and will delete it 7 days after matching.

Paid search results in Play store: In February this year, Google started piloting app promotions on the Play Store, essentially bringing advertising to a platform that it was only monetizing with paid transactions earlier. On Google’s conference call last quarter, the company had said that it now views mobile as a part of a user’s behavior: “people are using screen interchangeably, simultaneously throughout the day. And we really think about the user and the context rather than a particular form factor or device.”

Apps for as little as Rs 10: Last month Google reduced the minimum purchase price for apps on Google Play in India to Rs 10, a fortnight after Apple introduced its new pricing tiers for India, that let developers charge Rs 10 for their apps. Prior to this development, the minimum purchase price for apps on Google Play was Rs 50, or ~$1, as it is for every other country. India is the first country where the lower pricing tier was introduced.

WiFi at 400 stations: Earlier this week, Google announced a tie-up with the Indian Railways and RailTel to provide high speed WiFi coverage in 400 stations across India. The plan involved rolling out WiFi at 100 stations by the end of 2016, with the rest 300 following in ‘quick succession’.