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YouTube has collaborated with Bollywood film director Subhash Ghai’s film making academy Whistling Woods International (WWI, note to self: not World War I) to create YouTube Space in Mumbai, reports Indiantelevision. YouTube content creators and their students will get free access to WWI’s studios which contain audio, visual and editing equipment, training programs, workshops and community events. The Mumbai Spaces will be open for creators from later this year.

YouTube creators will get the chance to attend workshops, master classes, production techniques, events and meet fellow creators. Both the companies will also work on developing original courses targeted at Indian filmmakers. The report claims that Indian creators are among the top contributors to driving time spent watching YouTube videos in Asia. Earlier this month, WWI launched a Foxconn Media Lab, through a donation from the Chinese handset maker. This lab would provide 600 students access to media equipment.

YouTube Space Mumbai is YouTube’s seventh facility- since its inception in 2012- following Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, New York, Brazil and Berlin. It is aimed at creators to produce original digital video content from scratch to the end process of uploading to YouTube. It claims that creators have visited the facilities over a 100,000 times since its launch and created over 11,000 videos.

400 hours of content uploaded every minute
Last month, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that over half of YouTube’s watch time was happening over mobile devices. She added that the number of people watching YouTube per day was up 40% since March 2014 to March 2015 and that over 400 hours of content was being uploaded every minute on the platform. Wojcicki also added that the number of users who visited the YouTube home page were three times over last year and that its watch time was up over 60% year over year, the fastest growth rate seen in two years.

Music Insights for Artists via YouTube
In June, YouTube introduced a data tool called Music Insights to give artists YouTube views insights on their videos, after it launching the YouTube for Artists initiative earlier this year. Music Insights would give artists data on where the artist is most popular, his/her top tracks and the number of views from artists’ official music videos as well as fan uploads claimed using Content ID.

Offline viewing support
In the same month, YouTube got offline support through an archiving tool which would let users save a video for offline viewing for up to 48 hours. This was especially targeted at developing countries where low bandwidths existed.

TrueView ad buy buttons
In May, YouTube added buy buttons to TrueView ads, where users could click to buy stuff after being redirected to that product page. YouTube added this feature after it noticed that users were searching for a product seen in the YouTube ad on Google after having watched a video on YouTube.

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Image Credit: Flickr user Fabien Agon