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The contribution of mobile advertising to Facebook’s ad revenues continued to increase: Around 76% of Facebook’s ad revenues for the quarter ended June 30, 2015 was from mobile ads, up from 62% contribution in the same quarter last year and 73 % contribution in the preceding quarter.

Facebook posted total ad revenues of around $3.83 billion for the quarter, up 43% year-on-year (YoY). This essentially means that Facebook generated mobile ad revenues of around $2.91 billion for the quarter.

While Facebook doesn’t disclose any region-wise split for its mobile ad revenues, the company mentions that Asia-Pacific contributed about $605 million of overall advertising revenues for the quarter. The Asia-Pacific region contributed $524 million in the previous quarter.

User metrics

FAcebook DAUs

Daily active users (DAUs) – DAUs were 968 million on average for June 2015, an increase of 17% year-over-year. Mobile DAUs were 844 million on average for June 2015, an increase of 29% year-over-year.

– Monthly active users (MAUs) – MAUs were 1.49 billion as of June 30, 2015, an increase of 13% year-over-year.  Mobile MAUs were 1.31 billion as of June 30, 2015, an increase of 23% year-over-year.

The company reported 496 million monthly active users (MAUs) in Asia for the quarter, up 5.31% from 471 million MAUs in the previous quarter and up 20.98% from 410 million MAUs in the same quarter last year.

The average Daily Active Users (DAUs) in Asia was at 285 million for the quarter, up from 270 million DAUs sequentially and 228 million DAUs in the same quarter last year.

Facebook’s Indian user base grew by 5.6% from 118 million MAUs in Q4 2014 (December 2014) to 125 million MAUs in Q1 2015 (March 2015), out of which 114 million were mobile MAUs. Facebook India’s daily active users (DAUs) are at 59 million in Q1, up from 55 million in Q4, out of which 53 million DAUs come through mobile (as opposed to 49 million DAUs in Q4), accounting for over 89.8% of Facebook’s daily traffic as of March 2015, the company informed Medianama.

Facebook’s Asia ARPU declines

Facebook’s Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for Asia region increased to $1.29 for the quarter from $1.18 in the previous quarter, and from $1.08 in the same quarter last year.

The overall ARPU also increased to $2.76 for the quarter, from $2.50 in the previous quarter. Facebook currently has the highest ARPU in US & Canada which was at $9.3 for the quarter. US & Canada ARPU was at $8.32 in the preceding quarter.

Notes from the conference call

Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp: Monthly users for Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp were exceeding 300 million, 700 million and 800 million, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed on the earnings conference call.

In Q2, Facebook launched Instagram ads in Brazil, Germany and Japan.”Over the coming months, Instagram ads will be available to more advertisers with new formats, better targeting and the ability to buy online as well as through third-party planners,” Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg commented.

Small and medium business pages: In Q2, Facebook said it had 40 million small and medium businesses have active Facebook pages.

Buy button and e-commerce: Facebook, which had started testing a buy button for Shopify last month, said it will extend this feature to various business’ Facebook pages.

“So e-commerce is one of our top categories of advertisers, and we are already driving a lot of product sales through Facebook but importantly, our e-commerce initiatives are really about connecting consumers with marketers so that they can buy from companies. They’re not buying through us. We are testing a buy button in the new shop section on pages, but again, that buy button is letting people buy directly from their advertisers, not from us,” Sandberg explained on the call


facebook revenues

Facebook reported total Asia revenues of $623 million for the quarter, up 14.95 % from $542 million in the previous quarter, but up 44.55% from $431 million in the same quarter last year. The region now represents 15.41% of Facebook’s total revenues which was at $4.04 billion for the quarter.

The company’s overall net profit was at $719 million for the quarter, up 40.43% significantly from $512 million profit in the previous quarter and down 9.10% from $791 million profit in the same quarter last year.

Payment Revenues: Facebook’s payment revenues also declined to $215 million for the quarter, from $226 million in the previous quarter and down from $234 million in the same quarter last year.

Cashflow: At the end of Q1 2015, Facebook has a total cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities of $14.13 billion.

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