A little over a year after Infomedia18 is believed to have pulled the plug on Entrepreneur India, the magazine is back in the country, this time with Franchise India getting the, well, franchise. The new first edition has Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Rajiv Pratap Rudy on its cover.

The magazine, a 40-year-old brand, is a monthly, with 12 issues published annually, and is published in the United States, China, Mexico, Middle East, Philippines and South Africa. The magazine has a global circulation of over 6 million, and claims that the website Entrepeneur.com has six million unique visitors each month. It was first launched in India in September 2009 and priced at Rs 75, at a time when Infomedia18 had a distribution system it could funnel more and more magazines into.

A few observations:

1. Why get more magazines? Advertising in magazines is on the decline:






(correction: should have been Non Magazine, not Non TV in the chart above)

More charts @ 20 Charts on Advertising in India

2. No Indian website yet? We checked, and the website for Entrepeneur.com appears to be the global edition, and there isn’t a redirect to an Indian version. Note that Entrepreneur.in is owned by the same person who owns yellowpages.in. Remember that Infomedia18 used to run yellowpages.co.in, which it sold to Getit Infomedia, alongwith Askme.in. Indian publishers like Times Internet and India.com are now licensing global brands and representing them in India.

Digital advertising is increasing, in comparison with magazines:


3. Why license? Sure, Entrepreneur is a great brand to have, but why wouldn’t a company look to build its own brand, even though it helps to get content as well. In case of Entrepreneur magazine, all of Franchise India’s eggs are in the Entrepreneur basket, and while mutual dependency helps, we’re guessing there is a license fee for the brand.

The best execution of a brand and content partnership has probably been that of the deal between Mint and the Wall Street Journal, which lapsed recently: it allowed Mint to build its own brand, leverage the brand, content and credibility of the Wall Street Journal, to a point where the Journal affiliation really didn’t matter. To that point, what was Infomedia18 left with once it decided to not renew the Entrepreneur partnership earlier, or what will it be left with if it decides to not renew the Forbes partnership?

4. More startup events on the horizon? As if there weren’t enough already, the one area where Franchise India can probably look to monetize is with events related to Entrepreneurship: that is one segment that is growing, and (I’m exaggerating, but) we’ll probably see thousands of such events from September to January, which we refer to as “Events season” in India. Someone I was speaking with yesterday said that he’s flooded with pitches for event sponsorship.

Disclosure: Getit Infomedia and Times Internet are advertisers with MediaNama. Entrepreneur might have an overlap with MediaNama in some instances.