Almost 45% of hotel transactions on Cleartrip this quarter came via mobile phones, the company said while sharing data on its Q1 2015 performance. Interestingly, Cleartrip did not share its overall transactional data for the quarter this time around, instead choosing to share only hotel accommodation data.

60% of the room nights booked on the platform came from its website, while 40% of it came from mobiles and tablets. Cleartrip mentions that with the launch of partial payments, 10% of the booking carried out on the platform were paid for in advance. 26% of websites users and 18% of mobile users preferred to pay for bookings by cash on delivery. Overall, Cleartrip saw a growth of 120% Y-o-Y for room night bookings and a growth of 83% Y-o-Y for accommodation searches.

Booking patterns: 36% of users booking from mobiles and tablets performed last minute bookings, i.e. booking a day before travel, while 25% of website users booked a day before. Early planners were more likely to use the website for booking as opposed to last minute bookings which were made mostly by mobile users. 33% of website users booked 2-7 days before the day of travel, while only 26% of the mobile users did so. The trend continues as 15% of web users booked 8-14 days in advance and 28% of booked over 15 days in advance, as opposed to 11% and 27% of mobile users respectively.

Bookings by mobile OS: Over half of room night bookings (57%) on the platform came via Android. iOS came in second with 23% of the bookings made via Apple devices, while Windows devices only contributed towards 2% of the bookings. Interestingly, around 18% of the bookings on the platform were made via its mobile website.

Reason for travel: Business travel users preferred mobiles and tablets to the website, as 45% of the bookings made through mobile were for business purposes as compared to 37% from the website. 46% of the bookings made via the website were for leisure travel, while 44% of bookings made via mobile were for leisure. Pilgrimage and other reasons made up for 17% of desktop bookings and 11% of mobile bookings.

Top locations: The top three popular international destinations included Dubai, Bangkok and Singapore, while the top three destinations by growth were Las Vegas, London and Shenzhen. To 5 local destinations by hotel bookings include Bangalore, Delhi, Goa, Mumbai and Chennai.

Search patterns: Android users search for rooms based on location, price, stars, TA rating and amenities provided respectively, while iOS users search based on Pay@Hotel, stars, location, price and TA ratings respectively. Cleartrip claims that the average transaction size on mobile, is currently higher than it is on desktop.