The Government of India has launched a website for enabling public reporting of missing and sighted children. The service is also available on Android and iOS with a Windows phone version coming soon.

Users first need to register to use the website, after which they can either register a missing child complaint or a child sighted alert. Selecting either of these options presents the user with a form to fill that includes the name, age, description, gender, height, facial attributes, physical attributes, location details, family details/ background etc., of the missing or found person. Users can also upload images or videos of the child before confirming their submission.

Interestingly, before confirming the submission, users need to agree to terms and conditions that they are satisfied that

-the child may be abandoned, a run away, trafficked, kidnapped or missing and is in need of assistance, care and protection,
– they have taken precaution not to disclose the facts/details of the offence if any, committed by such child,
– they have also taken precaution not to disclose any information regarding victim or suspected victim of child sexual abuse and that the information is provided in good faith.

This is interesting because we wonder then if we can report street kids as in need of assistance, care and protection. It is not clear what the government will do with such reports and if actual care will be provided to these kids.

Note that to use KhoyaPaya, users need to provide an ID proof, without which the account will be locked after 5 successful logins. However, the ID is not required for registration.

The other service TrackChild provides an integrated platform for various ICPS bodies like Central Project Support Unit (CPSU), State Child Protection Society/Units and District Child Protection Units (DCPU), Child Care Institutions (CCIs), Police Stations, Child Welfare Committees (CWCs), Juvenile Justice Boards (JJBs), etc., to facilitate tracking of children in distress. It provides a login for these services to coordinate their data from across the country.

The website also lets ordinary users inform the police of a child in difficult circumstances and search for missing or found children. Users can check the recovery status of a missing child, status of a user complaint and photographs of missing and found children. The platform also displays statistics of missing and recovered, children or persons, and number of children placed in institutional care or non-institutional care.