YouTube has added buy buttons to TrueView ads, where users can click to buy stuff after being redirected to that product page, reports Adage. This will be rolled out over desktop and mobile in the coming months.

YouTube added this feature after it noticed that users were searching for a product seen in the YouTube ad on Google after having watched a video on YouTube. This move reduces the user’s ‘path to purchase’, the report mentions.

Ad overlays with product info

With the new feature, advertisers can overlay ads with product info, images and links where users can buy them. The report stated that marketers can also use these ads to re-market products to users who had previously checked out the products on the brand’s site without checking out. Advertisers will be charged when people click on any of the product elements or watch the full ad or at least 30 seconds of it.

Users can still skip ads once they play for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, a button will appear on the top right corner of the video which will display the card overlays after it is clicked.

YouTube claims that there are over 1 million channels on its platform which focus on product reviews. It added that the views of product review videos have also increased year-over-year by 50%. YouTube had added interactive cards to its skippable TrueView ads last month.

Checking out Vs Buying

This marks a pattern for YouTube where it is seeing users turn to the platform to check out the products that they’re considering buying and not just checking out random or organised videos. The new ads will not only bring direct revenue for the advertisers but also increase the brand’s visibility.

Strangely, earlier this year, YouTube had banned the use of graphical title cards, which included the use of sponsor logos and product branding in videos, unless the sponsor pays Google to advertise on a particular channel.

Last month, YouTube sent out a mail to YouTube Partners (content creators) that mentioned that viewers would soon be offered an “ad-free version of YouTube for a monthly fee.” The mail also mentioned that the new paid offering would generate a new revenue stream to supplement advertising revenue.

Google’s ad buttons on search result pages

Earlier this week, Google said that it was looking to add a buy button on its search results pages for products on mobile devices. The button would appear next to sponsored or paid search results, usually on the top of the page, and would be displayed under “Shop on Google”. Like the YouTube feature, when users click on the buy button, they will be redirected to another Google product page where they will be able to complete the purchase and be able to pick colours, sizes and shipping options.

Last month, Google started displaying info on Google Now cards from apps like RunKeeper, Jawbone, Feedly and 67 other apps. After google started adding third party Android apps to Google Now cards in January, it has expanded the number of apps, which now totals to 110.

Image Credit: Flickr user Jonsson