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A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April, killing over 7,000 people and injuring at least 10,000, reports the BBC. According to the United Nations, over 8 million people were affected and around 70,000 houses were destroyed. While international aid has been pouring in, Google has launched a Person Finder for affected people as well as a link to report information about anyone in Nepal.

Facebook has developed a tool called Safety Check which sends messages to people in Nepal asking them to click a button to report their safety to their Facebook friends. It is also donating up to $2 million to match what people donate to the International Medical Corps. Yahoo Singapore put up a Tumblr post on how to donate.

Over $10 million raised through crowdfunding

Crowdfunding sites are seeing an increase of projects dedicated to help the earthquake victims. BitGiving has 8 projects which have raised over Rs 21 lakhs, FundDreamsIndia has raised over INR 90,000 from over 50 people. Crowdrise has 60 projects which have raised over $66,000. IndieGogo has raised $720,000 from 36 campaigns and ~9,000 funders. GoFundMe has raised over $3.4 million through 714 campaigns from over 45,000 people. IndieGogo lists over $409,000 through over 4,600 people. GlobalGiving has raised  over $2.2 million from ~30,000 people. GiveForward has raised more than $102,000 through various projects. YouCaring has raised over $1.5 million and Fundly over $50,000

FINDER to help detect victims beneath rubble

NASA’s portable radar device called Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response (FINDER) is being used to locate people who may be buried as deep as 30 feet in crushed materials, hidden behind 20 feet of solid concrete and from a distance of 100 feet in open spaces. It broadcasts microwave radar signals into piles of debris, analysing signal patterns which bounce back. Essentially, FINDER can help detecting motions from the victim’s heartbeat and breathing.

Image Credit: Flickr user Global X