Refresh Team

LinkedIn has acquired a startup called Refresh, which offers information about the people you’re meeting in a professional setup, reports TechCrunch. It is essentially a digital briefing book. The company hasn’t disclosed the deal value, however this appears to be an acqui-hire with 12 of Refresh’s current team of 15 expected to join LinkedIn. Refresh co-founder Bhavin Shah confirmed the deal through a blog post, in which he mentions that the Refresh has stopped accepting new users and their iOS app will be shutting down on April 15.

Refresh combs the web to find information about the person you’re scheduled to meet such as news articles about them, or information from their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to provide a better picture. LinkedIn has itself been working on incorporating more predictive computing elements in the products it offers, like the LinkedIn Connected app. So, it’ll be interesting to see how the company utilises what Refresh brings to the table.

Earlier this year, LinkedIn had expanded its marketing solutions platform and launched Lead Accelerator, a lead generation product for advertisers. The company had mentioned its acquisition of Bizo in August 2014 enabled the building of this product. The company had also launched Limited listings last year, through which it aggregates external jobs from certain employers in the United States. This feature was rolled out by using the technology LinkedIn acquired through its Bright acquisition in February last year. Should we expect something similar with Refresh?

The professional networking site reported 347 million registered users at the end of December 2014. It had 93 million average unique monthly visiting members, of which 45 million or 48.3% were mobile unique visiting members.