It seems that Flipkart has taken a stand regarding its sign up with Airtel Zero. Sachin Bansal, co-founder of Flipkart, tweeted about Net Neutrality saying that:

to which a possible Flipkart user replied:

To which Bansal replied saying:

Nikhil added: 

Bansal then talked about his support for Net Neutrality: 

Bansal had previously declined to comment on MediaNama’s questions about Flipkart’s sign up with Airtel Zero. Airtel had confirmed that it was launching the Airtel Zero platform to allow companies to buy data in order to offer their apps to consumers for free. Zero Rating violates Net Neutrality. The TRAI’s consultation paper (FAQs here) may end up in a licensing regime for Internet companies, or allow telecom operators to do traffic shaping – slow down or speed up certain services, make some expensive versus others, or slice the Internet into types of services, rather than offer access to the Internet as a whole. (Also Read: The Airtel Zero idea: Splitting India’s Internet into many Internets)

Srini Gopalan, Director- Consumer Business, Bharti Airtel had told Medianama that “The way our pricing structure works, the pricing is transparent, but I can’t talk to you about the details right now. We have the same pricing structure for everyone, and there will be no slow lane and fast lane. This will be a toll free play, open to every app and every developer.” Read the complete article and interview here.

Image Credit: Jisc.ac.uk

Disclosure: Readers should bear in mind that MediaNama has always taken a strong pro-Net Neutrality position. Our coverage here. MediaNama founder Nikhil Pahwa is helping create awareness of the issues that might arise from anti Net Neutrality regime.