Facebook has added a video calling feature in its Messenger app, the social media giant revealed through a blog post. However the feature is currently limited to iOS and Android users in the US, UK, Mexico, Oman, Laos, Uruguay and some other European countries. Facebook mentions it will roll out the feature to other locations over the coming months.

The option to video call will be available to users from within chats, on the top right corner of the screen. Users can also place video calls cross platform, i.e call iOS users from Android and vice-versa.

Facebook has been aggressively pushing its Messenger platform as an independent and ‘more than just Facebook’ service. It started allowing allowing peer-to-peer money transfers over its Messenger application in the US, just last month. The same month, the company announced that Messenger would act as an independent platform for which developers could develop apps. For a start the company launched around 40 new apps, for photos, videos, audio clips and GIFs among others.

Earlier this month, Messenger’s dedicated chat interface for the web went live, which according to Facebook is meant to be ‘complementary to the Messenger mobile app’. Similarly, the company said it will be introducing its Businesses on Messenger platform soon.

Other developments:

– Earlier this month, following a year of Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, the company began testing a new feature on its Android application and would incorporate a “send” button with the WhatsApp icon along with the status actions buttons (buttons which allow you to like, comment and share) which appear at the bottom of a post.

– In March, the platform was in talks with a dozen media organizations which include BuzzFeed, The New York Times and National Geographic to host content on the social network.  Currently, links for news stories that are posted on users’ feeds need to be clicked, redirecting them to a separate page on a browser.

– The tech giant also started out testing its new caller id app called Hello earlier this month. The application will connect to Facebook so that users can see who’s calling, block unwanted calls and search for people and places. The application will show users info about who’s calling you, even if they don’t have that number saved in their phones.

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