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Mobile resume building app Super has acquired Saas startup Viraltrics. Following the acquisition Viraltrics founder Bhavna Muraleedharan has joined Super as the co-founder. Viraltrics’ product will be discontinued for public usage.

Super founder Faisal Memon told Medianama that they will be adding jobs to the iOS app and create a chat feature where candidates would be able to chat with companies directly. With Muraleedharan joining the Super team, the latter’s team strength has gone up to 8. The company claims that hiring companies across the globe are signing onto the app but for the immediate future, they will be focusing on India. It’s worth noting that Super had been using Viraltrics to acquire its organic user base of half a million.

What Viraltrics does
Viraltrics has a 3-line code for developers which sits in the app collecting data on user behaviour. It then sends unique-to-each-user data to the app, depending on where the user came from and generates reports and points which can be used as a marketing strategy, notifications, referral and reward system. The data includes referrals, credits, offers, usernames and personalised content.

However, developers and marketers need to have an app of their own to which Viraltrics’ code can be added. Viraltrics’ code churns referrals to bring in and engage new and existing users. It uses deeplinking to directly brings users to specific locations within the developer’s or marketer’s app with a dedicated link.  Referrals help in increasing and retaining the organic user base of that app. Other than a free sign up, Viraltrics has plans for $29, $69 and $159. Muraleedharan created Viraltrics in May 2014.

Super Jobs
Super introduced a feature called Super Jobs (beta) late last month, allowing job seekers and job providers to match with each other the Tinder way. It lets employers and candidates swipe through each other’s profiles and ‘like’ them by swiping right. If both the employer and the candidate ‘like’ each other’s profiles, the app connects them over email. This way, only interested parties can pursue relevant data of the other.

Super claims that it currently has over 100 companies on board as a part of its closed beta including Webengage, Wingify, Helpshift, Flatchat, Zepo, Haptik and Grabhouse. Initially launched as a mobile resume builder, Super offers job seekers the option to download the resume they create as pdfs. Users of Super are also given an option to get the resume reviewed by ‘experts’ for $45.

(Updates: story edited for clarity)