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The Delhi Police has been upping its digital game: It has decided to install digital camera on police cars to record violations, area and time of offence, reports India Today. The surveillance cameras, which cost Rs 10,000-15,000, capture footage of vehicles driven in front of the car, but if the police want to record specific vehicles, they can change the focus of the camera.

The equipment’s software is connected to GPS to generate date, time, speed and location details of the offending vehicles. Post recording, a team analyses the footage to send notices to vehicle owners based on the registration number. The camera also records audio. The report mentions that the Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Muktesh Chander has also installed this camera in his car.

The Police has apparently issued 500 challans (fine notices) based on this technology so far and is planning to install the equipment in all Traffic Department cars. It seems Delhi Traffic Police has also sent out messages to concerned departments whose vehicles were found violating rules.

Rs 5300 crores to Delhi Police in Budget

Interestingly, the Delhi Police has been allotted Rs 5300 crores in the Union Budget for the year 2015-16, as indicated by this ET report, including Rs 50 lakh (as compared to 26 lakh in 2014-15) to introduce the latest technology. As of June 2014, the total number of registered vehicles in Delhi stood at 9 million, according to Delhi Police statistics.

Previous digital measures of the Delhi Police:

– In January 2015, TOI reported that the Delhi police launched an Android application for women’s safety called Himmat which allows users to send an SOS to the police, call backs by the control room and video recording.

– In October 2014, the Delhi Police had introduced a helpline on WhatsApp wherein Delhi citizens could send in audio and visual complaints of traffic violations, post the Trilokpuri riots.

– In August 2014, it had also launched an anti-corruption helpline (9910641064) on WhatsApp that allowed citizens to send audio and video clips, to the helpline in case a police officer demanded a bribe or harassed an individual.

– In May 2014, the Delhi Police launched an app and revamped their website so that Delhi citizens could check traffic alerts, report vehicle theft and get auto fares among other facilities.

– In February 2014, Delhi police announced that citizens of Delhi could file an FIR on its website for crimes such as theft and forgery starting.