Online taxi booking service Uber has been given seven days to complete their radio taxi license application as per the new regulations by the Delhi Government or face rejection, reports PTI. Last month, Delhi Transport Department had found certain deficiencies in the license applications of Uber, Ola, TaxiForSure and NTL Call Cabs, as per the recently amended Radio Taxi regulations and rejected their applications in the current form. Re-submission of the application was expected to take 10 days.

The report mentions that the initial deficiency memo was issued to Uber and the others on January 24, following which a reminder was sent to them on February 11. However, the Delhi Transport Department hasn’t received any acknowledgment or reply to either of these communications from Uber. Hence this seven-day ultimatum.

The details missing in Uber’s application were certificate for parking of their fleet of cabs, telephone number, e-mail ID & address proof of their registered office in Delhi, and details regarding their plans for a 24*7 call centre. In case of TaxiForSure, the information missing from the application were driver details, their driver induction schedule, certificate of parking, call centre details and print out of the web portal.

It’s worth noting that Uber had modified its business model to temporarily adopt a no-commission model since its re-launch in Delhi, last month. The company had cited the example of DIMTS’s PoochO which has a similar model and had earlier been approved by the Delhi transport department. At the time, Uber had said that it will continue with this model until “the regulatory ambiguity is resolved”. However, a Delhi transport official had told HuffingtonPost India that this move doesn’t make Uber legal and the ban on Uber will continue in the city. He had also mentioned that they will continue to impound Uber cabs that continue to operate in the city.

SOS panic button: Earlier this month, Uber updated its app in India and added a SOS panic button that will alert the local police in case of an emergency. The company also added a second safety feature called safety net, which will allow users to easily share their trip details and real-time location with up to 5 friends and family members. Uber had also introduced an improved ShareMyETA button that allows passengers to send their complete trip details (including live GPS tracking, driver photo, name and vehicle license number).

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