Between July 1 and December 31, 2014 Twitter didn’t withhold any tweets from India, the company revealed in its latest Transparency Report. In this period the microblogging site received one court ordered removal request and 14 removal requests from the police and various other government agencies and it complied with 7% of these requests.

It’s worth noting that in first half of 2014, the agency had received only 5 removal requests from the police and various other government agencies and no court orders for the same. Similarly not a single tweet was withheld in that time period.

User information requests: Twitter received 41 government requests for account information from India that specified 1938 accounts between July-December 2014, of which Twitter complied with 22% of the requests. This is a drastic increase from the 16 government requests that specified 44 user accounts the previous half of the year, of which the company had complied with 13% of the requests.

Overall Twitter received 2871 information requests for 7144 accounts and the company provided some information in 52% of the cases. The maximum requests originated from the United State (1,622), followed by Turkey (356) and Japan (288).


Removal requests: A total of 376 court ordered removal requests were received by Twitter and 420 from various government agencies, police etc. Of this Twitter withheld 13% of the content, a total of 1982 tweets. The maximum court ordered removal requests and removal request from other agencies originated from Turkey (328), followed by Brazil (27) and United States (6).


Rising India stats:

In comparison to the first half of 2014, Twitter received a greater number of under information requests and content removal requests in the second half. It is interesting to know this report comes after the conclusion of the Lok Sabha elections last year. Note that Twitter mentions it informs users in case of take down or request, unless prohibited by law.