bangalore police public eye

The Bangalore traffic police is taking a new way to report traffic violations through its Public Eye web and mobile applications. Citizens can now report traffic violations by uploading a picture along with the vehicle registration number, type of violation, place and type of violation.

The website and mobile application seem simple enough, and there are basic fields one can enter and even check the status of a previous complaint on the website. However, the mobile application does not support images to be uploaded from a phones gallery and that’s a bit of a glaring oversight. Other users on Google Play have also complained that the application does not allow them to zoom, a feature that can be useful when commuters trying to take a picture since they might not always be close to the person violating rules.

Other initiatives by police

– It’s worth noting that the Bangalore Police is quite active on Twitter and takes citizens’ complaints, most notably their takedown of fake e-commerce  site in November.

– Local commerce messaging platform Lookup also partnered with Bangalore police to to help the public connect with the cops over chat. The service was first piloted in Koramangala Police Station and the police will be extending the service to other stations in the city as well.

– Earlier last month, the Delhi police launched an Android application for women’s safety called Himmat which allows users to send an SOS to the police, call backs by the control room and even video recording.

– The Uttar Pradesh traffic police have started using a WhatsApp-based complaint portal where users have been encouraged to notify the police about traffic offences through images and video.