Well this is certainly awkward for the grand old party of Indian politics. With just days left before the Delhi assembly elections the websites of the Congress mouthpiece, Sandesh and Delhi wing Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC) have been shut down after its administrator Sanjay Puri quit the party.

Visitors to the websites congresssandesh.com and dpcc.co.in get the following message:



Media reports say that Sanjay Puri quit the party after he was denied a ticket to contest the Delhi assembly elections. Puri told the Indian Express that he felt betrayed by the party and that he had been running the websites for years and that he did not see why he should let the party keep the websites . Sanjey Puri was NSUI’s national president and Youth Congress secretary and was once the head of the party’s computer and research department for the Delhi unit.

Here’s also a list of the Congress’s candidates for the assembly election. Hat tip: Rukmini S. 

congress 3

A search on who.is showed that the Congress Sandesh site’s administrator is Sanjay Puri and was registered by a company called Internet Promoters India, while the DPCC website was registered to a Vishal Chauhan.

Our take

The Congress really needs to get its tech processes right and they should really be taking lessons from their rivals the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Aam Aadmi Party on how to mobilize on the Internet.  The party needs to probably centralise the approach where no individual can pull the plug on their websites. We also wonder what will happen to the website and its content now that it is offline? Is there a backup or an archive where people can access it? Maybe something to look at too.