will stream the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 in four different languages, including Hindi, English & two yet to be decided regional languages, reports IndianTeleveision. The company said this would be a part of its three step strategy to gain viewership during the upcoming world cup.

Along with the ability to switch between these four languages, the website will create a video timeline which will allow viewers to catch up on key events in a match. It will also provide viewers with more data & analysis and original articles by Harsha Bhogle and others. Additionally, the report mentions that StarSports is working on optimising its video content to work well even for users with low bandwidths.

StarSports LivePro

It is not yet clear how much StarSports plans to charge viewers for World Cup matches. The website, which had initially launched last year with plans to charge users a fee to access live content, started providing a 5-minute delayed ‘live’ stream for free just before the IPL this year. It also launched Zip Clips, which presented a match through a series of clips and graphical representations of various insights and data nuggets, at the same time.

Currently, the platform is offering an India vs. Australia test series web+app pass for Rs 120, an all-season football pass for Rs 1000, BPL pass for Rs 800 and all sports access pass for Rs 300 a month. The company had previously added Paid Live Streaming in September last year and started putting big money behind sports in India: in November it announced that it’s planning to invest Rs 20,000 crore on sports in India, Rs 1500 crore of which it is putting into Hockey.

StarSports claims its website had received close to 28 million unique visitors by March this year, with an average time spent being around 45 minutes per match. According to recently released comScore data, the portal has overtaken ESPNcricinfo by a slender margin garnering 4.242 million users in traffic in October, compared to 4.233 million of ESPNcricinfo.