Music streaming service Saavn has tied-up with Twitter India and introduced a tweet-based online radio station for its users. The new station which will be available globally for its users  is one of the  first new initiatives to make the service more social.

Saavan CEO Rishi Malhotra told TechCrunch that the service is preparing more social features next year, but he said that these new releases will be within the Saavn service itself, such as collaborative playlists.

Earlier in November, Saavn had partnered with online retailer, to offer Android users making purchases through Snapdeal’s mobile site free subscriptions to their premium service for two months.

How it works

  • Users need to tweet a song request to Saavn radio’s twitter handle @SaavnRadio. The lineup of the songs will be curated via interactions with Saavn’s users on Twitter and will be refreshed every few minutes.
  • The lineup will also be influenced and updated by Saavn users shared listening activity on Twitter but priority will be given to explicit requests for songs.
  •  The new feature will also include a confirmation to users when their song is being played on the radio. Users will also receive an @mention alert when their requests are played.
  • You have to be careful about the spelling of the song when making a request if you want a match as seen from these tweets from SaavnRadio’s twitter handle.



Our take: It’s also worth noting that Twitter itself failed at creating a radio station based on what songs were trending and shut down its #Music app in April. But one of the reasons why Twitter failed at this was that it tended to be very passive and it gleaned over hash tags to search for what was trending in music. Adding a song request feature like Saavn’s service makes the service more active and more engaging with its users. It should be interesting how this would pan out and how they would handle a huge volume of requests and how it will sift through them all.