Delhi Police

Delhi Police has formed a series of WhatsApp groups to enable residents in the riot-hit Trilokpuri area of East Delhi get in touch with them, reports The Indian Express.

It says residents will be able to use these groups to instantly report incidents of harassment and police in-action. Joint Commissioner of Eastern Range Sanjay Baniwal told that they have created four separate WhatsApp groups – one for each block in the area, as of now. Each group will include around 35 people from the respective block along with with junior and senior police officers.

This move will likely quicken the process of decision making for the Delhi police as residents can submit audio/video clips and images to the group, which could act both as a complaint and evidence.

However, what’s going to be challenging for Delhi Police is managing multiple groups on a mobile phone as the volume of complaints rises. Note that WhatsApp doesn’t have an official desktop app or an official third party API yet, which could make managing these complaints cumbersome.

Delhi Police on WhatsApp

That being said, Delhi Police has been fairly active on WhatsApp. Last month, it had introduced a helpline on WhatsApp wherein Delhi citizens could send in audio and visual complaints of traffic violations. Kochi police had also launched a similar initiative that allowed citizens to report traffic violations in April this year.

Earlier in August, Delhi Police had also launched an anti-corruption helpline (9910641064) on WhatsApp that allowed citizens to send audio and video clips, to the helpline in case a police officer demanded a bribe or harassed an individual.

Besides WhatsApp, Delhi Traffic Police had launched an Android app that provides traffic alerts, and enables users to report vehicle theft and find auto fares. This app was developed by the IT Centre Police Head Quarters, which had also launched Delhi Police Lost Report app in March 2014 for lodging complaints about lost documents.

Earlier this year, Delhi Police had announced that it would allow people in Delhi to file a FIR online. The organization had also stated plans of launching dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts for people from the north-east in the city to post their complaints and grievances.