mtv-logoMTV India has launched a web series called Get Fit, with national Muay Thai champion Bala Shetty and VJ Bani J providing fitness and healthy living tips. The website currently has eight videos in an equal number of categories.

Categories are divided into healthy lifestyle, perfect arms and legs, eat healthy, lose 2 inches asap, workout from home, survive a street fight, train for a marathon and lose 5kgs in 2 weeks with a corresponding video that is less than 10 minutes long. The website itself seems to be be designed with mobile platforms in mind, with its swipe and touch friendly interface

Curiously, the website sports a ‘calories burnt’ counter which seems to increment by 1 every second regardless of what the user is doing. Its hard to fathom the utility of such a counter without sensors to take advantage of.


The videos themselves are listed on MTV India’s youtube channel along with hundreds of other videos uploaded by the organization. The separate website was probably created to act as a one stop access point for mobile devices rather than having to create separate apps for each platform.

Other MTV India web series

This is not the first time MTV India has launched exclusive digital content in the country. Ekalavya Bhattacharya, Head of Digital, MTV India had spoken to Medianama last year about how the channel’s digital strategy has been shaping its content strategy since it now caters to ‘screenagers’, teenagers consuming content across multiple devices.

In August 2013, MTV India had started creating short videos for the 6 second video platform- Vine. The videos had featured VJ Jose Covaco guiding users on how or how not to pick up women. In May, the same year the company had launched the second season of their digital travel show, Drive with MTV.

In November 2013, MTV India, in association with McDowell’s No. 1 soda, launched a web series called Saturday Night, Alright! The show featured protagonists who get together on weekends and discuss love, bosses, friendship, politics etc over drinks.