More changes at NetworkPlay, the G+J (Bertelsmann) owned firm. Chirag Shah and Deven Dharamdasani, the founders of mobile ad network Seventynine, have left the firm, possibly after their earn-out. Seventynine was acquired by Networkplay in November 2012. Shah had denied plans of leaving the firm, when we had checked in May, after we received an anonymous tip on his and Dharamdasani’s plans to quit.

Seventynine, a Networkplay subsidiary, has appointed Siddharth Kelkar as the new lead for the business. Kelkar was heading the Networkplay’s ad sales business, as its National Sales head. He says that the business will focus on their App jacket and app installs business in India, and “create a global footprint”. Seventynine comprises of four divisions: Distribution Platform (ad network), Analytics and Metrics for Mobile partners, Rich Media and Video (via app jacket) and M-Establishment (Studio) for App and WAP development for brands.

Kelkar will work with Networkplay’s management team, comprising of Viren Anand and Hitesh Trehan. This management team took over after a seemingly strange exit from the company by former CEO Ampreet Singh.