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Indian smartphone users prefer making in-app purchases priced between Rs 71 and Rs 129, revealed an InMobi study conducted to gauge consumer engagement with mobile messaging apps. The study also revealed that 21% (or 1 in 5) mobile internet users in the country have already made an in-app purchase, which includes add-ons like emoticons, games, stickers, and virtual currency among others.

The company says the study was conducted between May and June 2014, and covered 455 smartphone users in the country, of which 55% were Android users and the remaining 45% were iOS users. Mobile usage patterns of users between 18 and 44-years old were tracked, as part of the study.

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Here are some of the other highlights from the study

In-app purchases: The types of purchases consumers have made or would consider making are: digital goods purchases (38%), upgraded apps with extra features (38%), upgraded app without ads (27%), and physical goods purchases (15%).

App preferences: The study revealed social networking and messaging apps (not including SMS/MMS) are the most popular, with 65% and 46% of the users reporting regular usage, respectively. It’s followed by entertainment and news/weather apps, each with 39% usage. App adoption was primarily driven by discovery via the app store and word-of-mouth. Outdoor ads, ads on TV or on mobile did not have as much of an influence on adoption rates.

Messaging vs. social networking: The most preferred method of communication was reported as messaging/chat apps by 44% of the participants, while social networking came in a distant second with only 19% participants voting in its favor. Voice calls (17%), SMS/MMS (10%) and email (10%) accounted for the rest of the participants. Mobile messaging users were an active lot too with 95% of them accessing such apps multiple times in a day. Of the participants, 56% expect to download a messenger/chat app within the next 30 days.

Early adopters and most active users of mobile messaging apps were under age 35. The factors driving adoption were mainly to stay in touch with friends and to share photos and videos.

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