twitter-advertisingIt looks like Twitter has started experimenting with ‘Buy Now’ cards that will let you buy a product without leaving its app. Tweets with links to e-commerce website Fancy are displaying such a Twitter card, when viewed from a mobile device, reports Recode. According to the report, you can tap on it and complete the whole checkout process including the payment from within the Twitter app itself.

The feature finally went live recently, but it was first spotted at Fancy’s website in the form of mockups at the beginning of the year. Twitter has not clarified if it is only testing the service, or if it plans to open up this feature to all e-commerce companies. As per the initial mockup Twitter would show a ‘Twitter commerce’ tag, but that seems to be missing in the final iteration. It is worth noting that the company was hiring commerce specialists earlier this year.

When we checked the links, it showed an ‘install app’card. After installing the app, the card turned into a deep link to the product within the Fancy app. Either the Buy Now option is not available in India or the card was just an experiment.

Twitter is not the first e-commerce company to experiment with native shopping solutions. Facebook has been trying this feature out, with limited success. It had started off with a ‘Buy tickets‘ option with event listings last year.

This could very well be a US-only feature, but if it plans to roll out around the world then it will face a tricky scenario in countries like India, where it will need to enable two-step authentication for payments. If it doesn’t want to set up a payment gateway in India, it can either work with one of the payment companies here or set up its payment gateway outside India much like Google and Apple.