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Amazon.in launches Tamil books collection; No ebooks on Kindle?

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amazon-inAmazon India has announced the launch of their Tamil book collection that will be available on their website. Readers have the option of choosing from an array of authors such as Kalki S Krishnamooorthy, Kannadhasan, Madhan, Vairmuthu, Jeyamohan and spread across over 8000 titles. Over 1500 Tamil books have been selected for overnight delivery across 20 cities in India.

In addition to Tamil literature, readers can also order for translated versions of English best sellers such as Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, The Secret among others. There is also a special ‘Language, Linguistics and Writing’ section that helps improve your Tamil communication.

This announcement comes as a follow up  of the launch of their Hindi library with over 23000 titles to choose from and over genres like literature, romance, and children books among others. This collection ensures 4600 titles for next door delivery across select cities.The website plans to launch similar initiatives across other regional languages such as Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali and Marathi in the next few months.

The closest Tamil readers have to getting access to books online is nammabooks.com, which although is quite popular for classics, does not have the more contemporary work in the field of Tamil literature. Another alternative is chennaishopping.com that allows for educational books (Update: we’re informed that Chennaishopping.com offers more than just educational books, and has over 7000 titles). However, both of these websites lack the diverse collection Amazon.in promises.


In addition to their website being secure for online transactions, customers can also download their app across Android and iOS platforms. However, these ebooks  are not available in Amazon’s Kindle due to compatibility issues.

Corrigendum: An earlier version of this article incorrectly mentioned that Chennaishopping.com only has educational books. Our apologies for the error.

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  • Sid

    Amazon is doing shocking bumpers now a days and now they have launched Tamil book collection its really great but what about Price ? http://lodes.net

  • Naveen Arur

    i will buy the Kindle the day a good selection of kannada and telugu ebooks are available…gift to my mother. C’mon Amazon..make it happen

  • Ebook Bargains UK

    Will any of these titles be available in local currency, or will this be yet another example of Amazon expecting customers in India to pay in US dollars?

    A lot of content on the Amazon IN store is US dollar only, and can only be paid with internationally-enabled cards.

  • mbchandar

    I run Chennaishopping.com.

    your statement
    //Another alternative is chennaishopping.com that allows for educational books//
    is incorrect.

    We have been selling Tamil Books right from 2011 covering books from leading publishers, popular authors etc.

    Please validate the tag line you are carrying for MediaNama logo.

    Do give right news and analysis.

  • mbchandar

    My Reply to your post

    Dear MediaNAMA, Don’t hurt Chennaishopping.com.


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  • Jordan

    Wow! I think Now all the Tamil Buyers will get their books online.

  • Matt Solis

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