Timescity-logoTimes Internet’s restaurant listing service TimesCity now lets you book tables from Twitter. The company says it is like a concierge service and will be useful for people who are in a hurry.

To book a table via Twitter , one can tweet @TimesCity with the restaurant, location, date/time and number of people along with the hashtag #TweetaTable. The person handling the account will then ask for your mobile number, confirm the booking and then message you the details. It’s possible that the company is using DMs, as there were no public tweets asking for these details.

TimesCity business head Miten Sampat says that TimesCity plans to offer the service over other channels too in the coming weeks, but didn’t disclose any specific details on this. It will integrate table reservations in its mobile apps in a week. As part of the app update, TimesCity will also start showcasing its offers when people search for restaurants. In April Sampat had said that 45% of TimesCity visits were from mobile devices. That being the case, it makes sense for the company to bring these features to the forefront.

The company had acquired table booking company DineOut in April this year. It also has deals with BookYourTable and Mobikon for table  booking. DineOut follows a conversion based model and is paid a commission for each referral by the restaurants. It also provides software that restaurants can use for managing these reservations.

Sampat says that they had met with people at Twitter to understand how TimesCity can use Twitter Cards. It might start using this feature to promote its offers in the near future.