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Online event ticketing and registration platform Explara has inked local partnerships in five countries including Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK & USA to extend its platform to these countries. The company has also opened up its platform for event organizers across the rest of the world.

Explara claims that it also now supports 23 currencies and will facilitate direct payment processing in countries through local partners and Paypal.

Speaking to Medianama, Explara co-founder & CEO Santosh Panda said that they have taken a two pronged approach for its International rollout – a local partnership model and a digital model.

Under the local partnership model, Explara will tie-up with a physical partner in that region who will be the key business contact for the company and will be responsible for driving its sales and establishing relationships with local event organizers among others. The digital model is however essentially a marketing approach wherein Explara will offer event marketing solutions to organizers in that region.

When we checked, we noticed that users can switch to their preferred countries from the top navigation bar. While the site doesn’t feature any International events yet, Panda mentions that they are currently populating the events and one should shortly expect events from these regions.

Panda mentions that they will also be offering region-specific solution providers through its event marketing solutions which provides pre-event, event-day and post-event solutions to organizers and was launched in December last year. This includes solution providers for event apps like the mobile point-of-sale app for event ticketing among others.

With this global launch, Explara will be competing with online ticketing platform Eventbrite which has a presence in 20 countries. There is also TicketMaster which has presence in 19 countries, although TicketMaster focuses on big events like live concerts and other entertainment-focused events while Eventbrite and Explara focuses on small and medium events across various categories.