CleartripOnline travel agent Cleartrip has introduced in-app cancellations for flight, hotel and train bookings on its Android and iOS apps. The company claims it’s the first online travel company in India to offer cancellations on mobile apps.

Clicking on the ‘Cancellations’ button will take you into the cancellation flow. For flights and trains, users can select which passengers or sectors they wish to cancel. It then displays a review of the cancellation options the user chooses, along with the refund they’ll get before cancelling. After a cancellation, the user can view cancelled trip details in the app.

Cleartrip cancellation

The cancellation charges – whether on the mobile app or our desktop site – are the same. There is no additional charge for cancelling a booking with the app, Cleartrip informed Medianama.

Cleartrip shared the following data with us:

– 12% of the customers who make bookings for their travel, return to either amend or cancel their travel plans, reports a recent study by Cleartrip. Of these, 80% cancellations were made online and 70% offline.

– The largest chunk of Cleartrip’s cancellations were made on flight tickets – at 60%. 70% of these flight cancellations were made online.

– The remaining 40% cancellations were made on train tickets and hotel bookings, of which  85% are made online and 15% offline.

– 80% of all cancellations are made online, and the rest are made through calls to customer care.

However, it is not clear how if this service comes with extra charges for customers. Medianama had contacted Cleartrip for this information.

Similar developments

Cleartrip had introduced a flight rescheduling feature which allows passengers to directly amend their flight reservations on the portal.

In February 2013, Cleartrip had launched an initiative called Pricewatch, which offered refunds to passengers, if and when the prices of international tickets they had booked drops from the original fare before departure.

The company had also introduced paperless tickets for flight, hotel and train bookings via Apple’s Passbook in January 2013 and a last minute hotel booking service Quickeys in June 2012. It had claimed to have around 120,000 daily active users as of November 2012.

A few months ago, travel and expense management company Concur had acquired an additional stake in Cleartrip. In 2011, Cleartrip sold an undisclosed minority stake for $40 million to Concur.