Vserv.mobi has introduced real-time bidding on its mobile ad exchange providing advertisers with access to rich media inventory while enabling them to target and bid only for select audience segments.

Vserv notes that this exchange will provide advertisers with access to ad inventory from over 150,000 apps and mobile sites (including premium full screen ads) in emerging markets like India, SouthEast Asia, Latin America, Africa & Middle East. These include companies like Rovio, EA, Disney, Truecaller, Yahoo, Sony Music and Accuweather.com.

Note that Vserv had also mentioned earlier this month that it had created over 100 apps for 30 publishers in India & South East Asia over the last year as part of an Appification program. These include The India Today Group, Vaartha, Pioneer Book Co, Rajasthan Patrika, Detikcom, Antara and Utusan among others.

Integration with AudiencePro: The RTB exchange is also integrated with Vserv’s mobile advertising solution AudiencePro which enables advertisers to make use of anonymised audience data from telecom operators for better targeting. However, this is currently limited to users in India with more countries expected soon.

From a developer’s perspective, they will now be able to auction ad requests to multiple demand partners globally including Vserv’s direct advertisers. Vserv’s initial demand and supply partners include mobile ad exchanges like Go2mobi, Twitter’s MoPub, Smaato, Nexage, PocketMath and Lifestreet.

Vserv mentions that the exchange will also be integrated to its AppWrapper platform which allows Android developers to integrate multiple services like advertising, in-app purchasing, analytics, bug tracking and others, through various third party software development kits (SDKs) in a single click for no cost.

Earlier this year, Vserv had also introduced a new ad format called SmartRewards, which enables advertisers to incentivize users by rewarding them with free mobile top-ups for specific actions.