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Facebook had restricted access to 4,765 pieces of content in India during the last six months of 2013 (July- Dec 2013), the highest among all the countries in the world, according to the global transparency report released by the company.

Facebook informs that most of these restrictions were due to local laws “prohibiting the criticism of a religion or the state”, reported by law enforcement officials and the India Computer Emergency Response Team.

The company however hasn’t disclosed any specific information on which government agencies sent these requests, how many of these requests were backed by court orders and the reason for these requests unlike Google which offers this information for takedown requests.

It’s also not clear as to how many requests were actually sent by the government agencies, of which Facebook had restricted access to 4,765 pieces of content.

Globally, Turkey was a distant second with 2,014 pieces of content restricted followed by Pakistan with 162 restricted content pieces.

India ranks 2nd in account information requests

India ranks second in the world, in terms of the total Facebook accounts for which governments have requested information during this period.

It sent a total 3,598 requests seeking information on 4,711 accounts to Facebook in the second half of 2013, a notable increase from 3,245 requests seeking information on 4,144 accounts during the first half of 2013. Facebook complied with as many as 53.56% of these requests, providing “some” information to the government.

Globally, Facebook received 28,147 requests seeking information on 38,256 accounts across 81 countries. United States continues to be at the top with 12,598 requests on 18,715 accounts and 81.02% compliance.

The transparency report list:

July-Dec 2013MicrosoftYahoo, Google
Jan-June 2013: Google (User data requests & Takedown requests), Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Twitter.