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Microsoft has received a total of 416 requests seeking details of 683 users & accounts from the Indian government during July -December 2013, the company has revealed as a part of its Law Enforcement Requests report. This is a significant increase from 321 requests for disclosure of 515 users & accounts it received in the first six months of 2013.

Of this, Microsoft complied with none of the requests to share exact content, although it complied with as many as 75.2% requests (313 requests) resulting in disclosure of subscriber/transactional (non-content) data. This non-content data might include the user’s name, billing address and IP history among others.

The company also mentions that no consumer data was disclosed for 19.2% of the requests (80 requests) since no data was found, while 5.5% of the requests (23 requests) were rejected by Microsoft since it failed to meet the relevant legal requirements or it redirected the law enforcement agencies to obtain the information directly from the customer.

Note that the report includes all Microsoft services like, OneDrive, Xbox LIVE, Microsoft Accounts, Office 365 and Skype among others and Microsoft doesn’t provide any breakup of government requests for each service. While it previously disclosed Skype user data separately, the company has now included Skype data with other law enforcement requests into a single report.

In contrast, Google offers a product wise break up along with reasons for the user data requests provided by each government. For instance, Google had mentioned in December that its video sharing service YouTube was the biggest target for takedown requests and more than 30% of requests sent by government agencies were on charges of defamation, followed by religious offenses which accounted for about 15% of all requests sent.

Last month, Twitter had also mentioned that it had withheld 13 tweets between July and December 2013 and complied with 32% of the 19 information requests sent by government agencies between July and December 2013.

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