There are 40.27 million wireless broadband connections in India including mobile and dongle connections at the end of 2013, according to latest data from TRAI. 

Bharti Airtel is the biggest operator with 9.49 million wireless broadband connections and holds a marketshare of 24%, while Reliance followed with 6.86 million connections and a marketshare of 17%. BSNL is the third biggest player with 6.55 million connections and 16% marketshare. Do note that this is the first time BSNL has disclosed the number of wireless broadband connections it has, but it’s not clear how many total data connections the company has. Idea has 5.86 million connections and 15% marketshare, while Vodafone has 5.2 million connections and 13% marketshare.

TRAI has not disclosed the number of mobile broadband connections of operators such as BSNL, Aircel, Tata, Unitech, Loop, Sistema or Videon, for the quarter ending December 31 2013 as yet.

Discrepancy in data

Figures for two of the telecom operators – Idea Cellular and Reliance Communications, are different from the 3G figures reported for the end of 2013, in their earnings announcements: Idea had reported . Please note that it is not not clear what exactly the TRAI means by “broadband connections”. The TRAI had changed the definition of broadband to refer to connections with speeds over 512kbps in December last year.

Idea had said that it has 8.7 million 3G connections at the end of the the last quarter, while according to TRAI it has 2.86 million fewer “wireless broadband” connections. Reliance similarly, had reported 11.1 million 3G connections, but according to TRAI, the company has 4.24 million fewer connections.

Wired Broadband connections decline

The number of wired broadband connections in India declined by 5.28% to 14.54 million from 15.35 million in the previous quarter, but TRAI has not stated the reason for the decline.

BSNL is the biggest operator in this category and managed to increase its marketshare to 69% from 65% in the last quarter. The number of connections however, plateaued at 9.98 million. Airtel too managed to increase its marketshare to 10% despite the number of connections reducing to 1.39 million from 1.44 million.


– July 2013: India Has 15.24M Broadband, 731.39M Active Mobile Connections
– June 2013: India Has 15.19M Broadband, 731.44M Active Mobile Connections
– May 2013: India Has 15.13M Broadband, 727.92M Active Mobile Connections
– April 2013: India Has 15.09M Broadband Connections; 724.48M Active Mobile Base
– March 2013: India Has 15.05M Broadband Connections; 722.96M Active Mobile Base
– February 2013: India Has 15M Broadband Connections; 712.5M Active Mobile Connections