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Reliance JIO 4G India’s First Hands on Review – Telecom Talk

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Telecomtalk-logo-newPan India 4G – LTE service license holder Reliance JIO Infocomm (RJIL) is all set to launch its much awaited 4G data services soon. We at TelecomTalk got exclusive access to test and preview its 4G LTE High Speed Broadband, Voice Over 4G and many value added services like Live TV (Jio Play), Video on Demand (Jio World), Cloud base Sync and Storage (JIO Drive), Video calls over 4G and Live video Surveillance, Health Support Apps on its high speed broadband network in Mumbai.

Reliance Jio 4G Hands On

Reliance Jio 4G LTE Broadband Review :

When we  tested and experience the speed of 4G Broadband over TD-LTE network of Reliance Jio the downloading speed clocks to 16 Mbps normally but some time it reaches to 48 Mbps and the average upload speeds is 9.0 Mbps.


LIVE TV (JIO Play) :

Reliance Jio is coming with lot of multimedia products and Value Added Services over its 4G network. LIVE TV and Video on Demand Services (powered by Network 18) which will be branded as Jio PLAY is one among many other services.


We tested Jio Play – LIVE TV services with HD viewing experience on iPhone 5S and its working super smooth without any buffering issue and picture quality is better than any other LIVE TV services. Jio Live TV will have 16 HD channels and total 160 channels. Video on demand (VoD) has more than 400 movies as of now in its library. With this LIVE TV service users can also catch-up TV programs with 7 days of stored content for each channel complements the viewing experience and eliminates the need to remember to record users favorite show. Reliance Jio is also testing 3D TV and Ultra HD Video on its 4G network which will be available with commercial launch of service.


Reliance Jio also developed the on-line Health support related applications to create affordable Health-care supported by broadband.

Reliance Jio MiFI Devices:

The company is also working on WiFi – MiFi devices so any customer can experience benefit of high speed wireless connectivity for WiFi enabled handheld devices (2G or 3G smart phones and tablets) over a blend of LTE Wifi networks.

Type of Handsets:

As of now Reliance Jio didn’t disclose its strategy on handsets or devices and right now some Apple Devices (iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPad) and Samsung Tablets are there supports Indian TD-LTE and band 40 (2300Mhz). We used iPhone 5S and iPad LTE for testing and experience the Reliance Jio 4G, We believe many other affordable Smartphones and tablet will be added in Reliance Jio handset portfolio at the time of commercial launch.

Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Jio  plans to launch world class state- of-the-art products and services with India centric content over 4G technology using an asset light strategy. R -Jio forge several strategic relations with a host of leading global technology players, service providers, infrastructure providers, application developers, device manufacturers and others to leapfrog India to the 4G revolution.

Reliance Jio 4G Apps

Note: There is no official word when Reliance Jio will launch its services and tariff but we believe Reliance Jio will be announcing and launching its services with a big bang and mature 4G products for end users. But as far as what we have seen its much better and efficient than Airtel 4G and they have some very consumer friendly apps like Reliance ‘JIO Drive‘ a cloud based services which is almost similar to Google Drive and they have also made one Contacts and photo  transfer app  which can transfer contacts, pics and video in a minute to any new 4G phone from any other smartphone.

Overall our experience while testing Reliance Jio 4G was mind blowing you won’t believe that it will keep anyone stunned but everything depends on tariff what Reliance Jio will offer to end customers, do let us know via comments what can be the right tariff for Reliance 4G can this be a game changer in India telecom industry?

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  • Hate to be negative here but this looks like a hurriedly written piece, and not a review. There are errors in language and even photography is shoddy. Glad to know Jio has great things going for it, hope they are able to deliver it reliably and with efficiency.

    • Thanks for your feedback Vishal. We’ll be more careful in the future. In the absence of any information, we thought this would be an apt update.

      • UKT

        Can you please tell me which model of iPad they have used for testing? Its confusing me because Rel-Jio 4G network works on Band 40 (2300Mhz) and iPad doesn’t support this.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this review really takes the piss. It reads like a poorly written fluff piece.

  • Abhishek Sinha

    Thanks for the update! you have shown a snapshot with apps of Netflix and Hulu, have they tied up with Reliance Jio? Because my understanding is you can not access these apps in India except from VPN.

    • Anonymous

      That would be pretty sweet. If the service’s subscription model is integrated with the carrier billing, say Rs.600 or so ($9.95) is added to one’s bill each month and all the content consumed via Netflix/Hulu (depending upon the service one is subscribed to) doesn’t count towards the data cap. Even if the service isn’t directly available and Reliance ties up by virtue of mirroring the content on Indian servers to reduce the costs, followed by slowly expanding their library (adding new shows, movies) — that would still be a most excellent deal. Indians hate to pay for anything but there’s still a niche that would, for such a service. Especially if it’s provided in an affordable manner. A pricing model between Rs.500-1000 would hit the sweet spot if it’s done in an a la carte fashion. i.e. paying for what you want to watch, that too, without the maddening juvenile censorship that plagues the Indian TV airwaves. And whose to say the niche doesn’t then expand into a larger and larger audience till the turds at Airtel/BSNL are forced by market economics to provide high-speed plans without atrocious caps, lest they prefer the alternative of a waning subscriber base and dwindling profits. Which I suppose, in BSNL’s case, wouldn’t be anything new.

      I’d really like to see Reliance offer proper 10-20 mbit uncapped connections, like they do now with their 4mbit uncapped plans, without the retarded “FUP”. TRAI is never going to do anything, Reliance might as well pick up the torch and atleast carve out its niche for people with extremely high data usage (400GB+ per month). No point expecting anything from Tata/Airtel/Random shitty private ISP.

      • Abhishek Sinha

        I don’t think mirroring content will work out in India although I agree the price point of 500-1000 is pretty good and a lucrative one and if they do away with the data cap then obviously it becomes a better option than torrents. But the question is what would be the total avg monthly bill come to. They will eventually put data cap on the overall plan if not to these subscriptions and my hunch is the charges would be exponentially high once you cross the data cap.

  • vicky

    Very nice, informative and really exclusive review post. People criticizing and saying ‘poorly written’ or ‘hurriedly written piece’ seems jealous from writer or website which bring all these exclusive content about Reliance 4G.

  • vicky

    great job Medianama

  • Sai

    Sad to see Medianama is Republishing some improperly written article from other blogs. The above so called ‘review’ talks about different speeds achieved but other users who have tested during the event couldn’t even achieve more than 6-7mbps (check broadbandforum), the guy writes reaching a peak speed of 48mbps but doesn’t look the case with other fellows who tested it.
    This is not Review by the way, Just a Hands On.

    • Thanks for your feedback. We’ll be more careful in the future.

  • Hypocrite

    I thought Reliance had already said that the pricing would be ₹10/GB or even lower last year. It would be great if they provided at least 10 Mbps downlink/5 Mbps uplink at this rate.

  • Rohit

    Whats the point of getting 16mbps (or 2MBps actual download speed) when the data cap is of 5-10 GB. It will probably take me 4-5 hour to reach that limit.

    If Reliance Jio also comes out with useless FUP tariff plans then nothing will change. Or at least provide us limit of 50 GB and post limit 512kbps for around Rs.650/-. If not, I am better off with my cable broadband 384kbps with (2mbps night time) unlimited for Rs. 450/-.

    • vivek sharma

      which connection do u have ?

      • Rohit

        I use PMPL Meghbehla (kolkata).