InMobi Logo

Mobile ad network InMobi has launched a native ads platform which allows app developers and mobile publishers to create and and serve native ads to their users.

Built on top of its ad network, InMobi says the platform will offer in-context mobile ad units like in-stream ads, icons and news feeds to publishers. They will also have access to global campaigns from app developers, brand marketers and and commerce advertisers on the InMobi ad network. It claims to currently have over 700 million monthly active users on its network.

InMobi Native ads

InMobi says that the platform auto-stitches the ads on the fly using the creative assets like logo, tagline, call-to-action & others provided by the advertisers and allow them customize minute details in these ad units, so that it matches the app’s look and feel. This includes visual representation, interaction elements (like swipe or flip) and social sharing options.

As a sidenote, InMobi also mentions that mobile messaging and video calling app developer Tango has been using this platform as an early adopter for quite some time now.

Other InMobi Initiatives

In October 2013, InMobi had released a new version of AppGalleries after it had acquired MMTG Labs in July 2012. The company had mentioned that it is in advanced testing with one of the “top three” social networks to roll out AppGalleries on their own platform.

It had also introduced a new ad format called InMobi SmartAds, which enables advertisers to deliver highly personalized rich media ads to their users.

In March 2013, InMobi had launched an Android app store distribution platform App Publish, which lets Android developers to publish their Android apps across 130+ app stores at once on a free, freemium or paid model.

The company had also tied-up with Japan-based LINE Corporation to promote LINE’s app promotion service LINE free coins to app developers globally.

Yesterday, InMobi’s competitor had introduced a new mobile ad format called SmartRewards, which allows advertisers to incentivize users by rewarding them for specific actions. Other key mobile advertising networks in India include Google’s Admob, Komli owned ZestAds and Bertelsmann owned SeventyNine.