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PS4 Priced at Rs 39,990 In India; In Stores On January 6th 2014

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Sony India announced the price of it’s next-generation (at least in India) console PlayStation 4 (PS4) in India today and as expected it was Rs 39,990. The device will be available in stores on January 6th 2014, and consumers can pre-order it online on all major e-commerce stores. It needs to be noted that many hardcore gamers have already imported the console from US or SE Asia and several others have already bought it from grey market it similar rates. The PS3 was also priced at Rs 39,990 when it launched in India.

Update: Those  who are complaining about the price, do note that it is because of duties and taxes. Sony India also announced that PlayStation Camera aka Eye Toy and controller (for those who play split-screen games) will be priced at Rs 4,990 each.

Sony released PS4 in US in late November with a price tag of $399. It runs on a modified AMD APU with 8 cores that offers a theoretical peak performance of 1.8 TFLOPS and also has 8GB unified RAM, 500GB HDD (user upgradable), WiFi, blu-ray support among other features.  The console also has a new redesigned its dualshock controller which is now bigger and more ergonomic as opposed to the ones that came with PS3 and earlier models.

Sony announced that it has sold over 2.1 million consoles as of December 3.

PS4_India_price_release date

Costlier games: One factor that is going to put off a lot of people is the retail price of games. Publishers and distributors across the board have hiked the price of PS4 games in India. Games published by Sony will be priced at Rs3,999, those published by EA such as Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, NFS Rivals and NBA Live will cost Rs 4,499.

E-Xpress which is planning to distribute Assassins’ Creed 4: Black Flag, NBA 2K14, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Just Dance 2014 and Injustice: Gods Among Ultimate Edition has not yet announced the pricing.

MCVIndia reports that e-xpress games will be sold in India at much lower rates Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is priced Rs 3,499, NBA 2K14 and Just Dance 2014 will retail for Rs 2,999 and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition are priced at Rs 2,499.

However, it needs to be noted that Sony’s titles and some titles such as Assassins’ Creed 4: Black Flag are available for Rs 500 cheaper on PlayStation Network. The downside of that deal is the fact that these games can be as big as 40GB; so don’t bother if you don’t have a fast Internet connection.

Sony’s strategy: Since the launch of PS3 in India, Sony has followed a dual console strategy, through which they tried to target the price sensitive consumer with a cheaper PS2 which also had several small India themed games. PS3 on the other hand was priced closer to Rs 40,000 at launch, but its prices more or less halved over the years after the introduction of the slim model.

Bose had said that PS3 prices won’t drop rapidly any time soon, but we can expect a small cut in a year or so. That said, don’t expect it to be priced as low as PS2 which was selling at around Rs 8000 towards the end of its life this year. Sony discontinued manufacturing of PS2 this year, but a few models are still available in several stores across India.

Competition: Its competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One is not expected to release in India till late 2014 as they are trying to partner with Indian television channels, studios and service providers to source local content. Microsoft was the first company to launch their console in India last generation when they brought Xbox 360 almost a year ahead of Sony. However, they lost their initial momentum and as per anecdotal evidence PS3 games outsell 360 ones 3 to 1. It needs to be noted Sony has sold 230,000 to 250,000 PS3 in India, while Microsoft hasn’t disclosed the exact number of consoles they have sold here over the years.

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  • nico belic

    Absurd pricing, a $399 console (around INR25000) is getting launched for 40,000 when someone can import it from Amazon US (and get it this year itself) for around 32000!

    Not sure how long India will continue to receive third world treatment from these multinationals (Apple I am looking at you!).

    • Musaddiq

      Than buying it from Amazon US is much better option for anyone in India. Rs. 40000 is a f¥<#ing rediculous pricing from Sony. I hope Sony has some inevitable reasons behind that prising.

      • Samik Dutta

        Truth be told…it is a costly proposition.
        But I have little to say against Mr.Atindriya Bose’s (Sony Country head) decision here and almost nothing to complain.
        It is not that Sony is making super normal profits in India as India never quite existed in Sony’s plans, as far as video game markets go.
        Back in 2006, PS3 released at $599 worldwide and in India it launched at 39,990. Back then it was Rs.44/dollar…so objections raised back then were much more substantial, as also somebody rightly pointed out “first PS3s were costlier to produce”. That 39.99K defied more logic than this one IMHO.
        But today rupee so anemic against the dollar and there’s an ever increasing tax bracket for luxury goods. Add to that government’s inefficiency in keeping the price of mere Salt down (let alone electronics). Add to that the average Indian gamer’s fetish for pirated games (which costs a lot to Sony). So,like I said, there’s little to complain. Also in US PS4 titles are priced $60, and in India they are costing about a mere Rs.300-400 more.
        Getting one from Amazon makes sense and PS4 games will be completely region free like PS3 ,but then again there are power supply issues with the NTSC models from US and no warranty whatsoever.

    • Samik Dutta

      No multinational company (likes of Sony/MS) like to treat any country like a third world country, especially today when they are viewing the whole world as one single market! Do you think they are perpetrating this type of an atrocious pricing by choice??
      But it is the Indian government that is all too desperate, not only to project an image of a “developing economy” instead of an “emerging economy”…..but to reinforce how luxurious owning a PS4 is.Hence impose duties on electronic imports like there’s no tomorrow and fill up the coffers…meanwhile Rahul Gandhi roams in a private jet !

  • Nachiketa Mishra

    It’s truly illogical pricing… Rs. 40,000… for something that’s priced Rs. 25k ($400) in the US. No duties or taxes can justify it. I calculated the duties and taxes and also considered the ratio of PS3 in US vs PS3 in India prices and the PS4 price in India I thought was Rs. 32,000/-. I think I won’t be buying PS4 in the first couple of years… well till the price comes down to something reasonable “around 25% to 30% higher than the US price”.

    Or may be, I will look up at Microsoft, if it can throw a more reasonable price, I think Halo multiplayer and the sexier XBox One controller can motivate me enough to switch to their loyalty. Sony controller is a joke compared to Microsoft.

    The only advantage of PS4 now is the use of GDDR5 RAM. Well, I know well that even after some 4-5 years, only a couple of games will be ever able to use the maximum potential of these consoles, so it hardly matters.

    • yash gondude

      Yea but i dont think the prices would be much agressive until the launch of xbox 1 and i am wating for that only and for now i am planing for a nvidia card upgrade as for the new series is some serious gaming to throw at and for the controller i definetly agree with u

  • xax kutty

    I thought it would be around 30k… got cheated

  • sid

    shit never thought it would price that much … really wat does sony thinking diffrence 15k betwen here nd us price wtf go to hell sony..

  • Rams

    just in 1 word.. Worthless

    • Tushar Ranjan Das

      thats right dude !!!

  • Musaddiq

    I think buying a custom Gaming PC may be a better option than buying an overprized PS4. And moreover the PS4 1st party and 3rd Party games will cost Rs. 4000 each. A PC game from Flipkart or Game4u or (sometimes when there are special offers) from Steam are much affordable.

    • indian

      Steam machines!

  • Anonymous

    30 k is ok,this time production cost of PS4 is very less as compare to PS3 then I don’t know why they are keeping such aggressive cost. I think the plan is since xbox1 is not launching india sooner then till that time they will earn profits by early adapters. If xbox 1 launch between 25-30 k then sony will definitely low down their price. Same strategy they used for ps vita,as you can see not many people are buying ps vita so they brought down the price.
    I am in for 40 k but the game price should be around 2000-3000 rs. which is not.

    • Musaddiq

      The PS Vita price is lowered not only in India, but infact it’s price was lowered much before in US and European countries.

  • Anonymous

    please everyone post comments on sonys official blog so they will get a solid feedback from consumers.

  • hill

    I don’t know y some ppl over here think xbox one will be cheaper than ps4
    It’s $100 more than ps4 in foreign markets + that local content deal will add up to the cost
    As far as aggressive Indian pricing of ps4 is concerned I think that every product released over here is fairly costlier than that released in other markets, no wonder ppl over here ask someone who has a trip to abroad to bring some gadgets…

  • Atif

    This is very unfair pricing, for people in US earns much more then us, 40K is my 1 month salary when in US i would have got atleast 5 times more for same work which I am doing here, even then Sony has quoted PS4 soooo expensive, price will be higher due to sick import taxes of Indian government but this HIGH is not right. Spoiled my mood completely.

    • Ramesh Singh

      that’s true seriously 40k is way too much. Just wondering how many people now going to buy this ps4 console – http://www.snapdeal.com/product/sony-playstation-4/703214947. Seriously govt. should reduce import taxes :/

      • indian

        Its not the import duty. Its greed. What do you expect from indians?

      • Tushar Ranjan Das

        correct bro…..its a huge ammount to buy this console……

  • Atif

    Now I am planning to give up on console completely, because for same price I can get high end desktop which can give ~60fps very high graphics(which is much higher then these consoles), very cheap games(though I have to sacrifice some titles which are exclusive to console..) and other accessories are also very cheap and I can use hell a lot more features with my PC which will be connected to my 50inch lcd…like regular B-Ray disks,dvds, external hard drives, millions soft-wares which includes hobbies as well as work…etc.

    • Rajesh Kumar

      thik bol raha hai bai main bhi yahi soch raha hu 40k main naya lapi nahi le lunga kay

  • Firstme post

    39900 is 645 dollar, blaming 37 percent tax for 61 percent hike in price.
    completely unjustified and ridiculous pricing. Sony going to learn a lesson in hard way

  • Super Sethi

    all righty mighty boys we all anticipated the launch of the console in our troubled country but we forgot it is india here ps4 is a 40k gimmick with no games available at launch. mango man party you wouldn’t survive coz you are not removing hefty taxes you scum