Nuance Communications’s text input app Swype has updated its Android app to add support for four Indian languages – Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, and Telugu. It had earlier added support for Tamil and Urdu and now supports eight Indian languages including Hindi and Hinglish.

The app is currently available in two different variants on Google Play Store – a 30 day free trial app and a paid version priced at $3.99.

Similar to how alternative text input apps work on Android, one can install & enable the app from the Language & Input option in the phone settings and long press on the Swype icon in the keyboard to choose and download any language keyboard of their preference.

The app currently offers a regular language keyboard with all the vowels and consonants depending on the language the user chooses. One can also long press on the space key to switch between different languages. Besides this, it also offers all regular text input features like text prediction, word completion, and error corrections among others.

Swype Telugu

Along with new languages, Swype has also introduced new features like bilingual support, continuous diction, a new mini and split keyboards for large screen phones (phablets) and the ability to customize the keyboard height, layout and others.

Other Indic language input apps include Adaptxt (11 Indic languages) and Swiftkey (2 Indian languages). Earlier in the year, Google had also launched a Hindi Text input app.