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Snapdeal Lists PlayStation 4 India Price; Launching Here In December?

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PS4-logoOnline retailer Snapdeal has listed PS4 for pre-order with a price tag of Rs 40,000 ($632) and release date of December. The page claims that the product will be shipped on the release date itself. The company had earlier listed the product up for pre-order with a token deposit of Rs 1,999 in July.

Game4u, the e-commerce wing of Milestone Interactive, has been offering the console for pre-order by charging a token amount of Rs 3,000 for a while now. Before the Rupee crashed a few months back, we heard that the console might be priced around Rs 30,000. The valuation then was Rs 55 per dollar, which meant that the console would be selling at a price of $545 and now things are still murky despite the currency getting stronger. RBI Governor yesterday said that Rupee might crash to Rs 78 per dollar in 6 months over fears that the US Federal Reserve would start winding down its stimulus as early as next month, after strong jobs report.


Screenshot of Snapdeal’s listing
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Sony had decided to wait for the currency to stabilise before announcing the console price here.  PlayStation’s regional head for the Middle East, India and Turkey, Robert Fisser had told MCVIndia that the company was waiting till as late as possible before confirming the price, because of the volatile Rupee. Then in September Sony mentioned on their official PlayStation 4 page that the console will release here in 2013, but they took it off very soon.


Rumours… rumours… rumours

Rumour #1: PS4 is launching in India on December 15.
This date has not been officially confirmed yet. However, from what we hear, Sony will announce the price and launch date of the console in December. The console itself might ship only in the first week of January. The delay has been attributed to customs procedures and other red tapes.

Rumour #2: PS4 games will cost Rs 4,429 at launch.
This exact price point has not been confirmed by any of my sources, but there is a very high likelihood of PS4 games being priced above Rs 4,000 price point.

From what I have heard, publishers are trying to charge Indians $65-70 as they want to keep the price point of next-gen titles a little above current generation games. Some of these titles (especially those from EA and Activision) are priced in the $55-$65 price range in India. For example, FIFA 14 costs Rs 3,499 ($55) on consoles while Call of Duty: Ghosts is priced at Rs 4,299 ($68). EA had hiked the price of games in India which was soon followed by online protests by gamers. However, EA refused to change the pricing and responded with silence.

Considering these factors, we can expect developers to play the ‘but it’s costlier to develop these titles’ card to substantiate the higher price tag. In short, don’t be surprised if third-party PS4 games come with a Rs 4,000 price tag.

Update: Game4U has officially announced pre-orders for Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, NFS Rivals and NBA Live priced at Rs 4,499. That being the case we can expect Sony to lower the price of first party games a little to Rs 3,000-3,500 range to soften the blow on gamers in India.

Rumour #3: PS4 will be sold at Rs 40,000
Though Snapdeal has listed such a price, it is likely that the default SKU will be priced lower at around Rs 35,000- Rs 38,000 mark.

We believe this is because Sony was planning to charge the equivalent of $545 in India after including taxes and duties, which came up to Rs 30,000 at a valuation of Rs 55 per dollar a few months back. However now the Rupee stands at Rs 63.2 to a dollar, which brings the price of the console of a little less than Rs 34,500 (63*545). That being the case, there is a chance of the currency going back to the valuation of Rs 70 per dollar, which brings us to a little more than Rs 38,000 (70*545). So at what point can the console cost Rs 40,000? For that to happen, value of Indian Rupee need to exceed Rs 73 per dollar.

It is not feasible for a company like Sony to keep changing the price of its console in such a short duration depending on the value of Indian Rupee. So it is understandable if they want to play it safe and price the console closer to Rs 40,000. Microsoft is not expected to release its next generation console Xbox One in India any time soon, so Sony can afford to take this risk; this leaves them with the option of slashing prices when Xbox One launches here. All said, there is a high chance of Sony launching the console at Rs 38,000 and a bundle (Killzone or Knack) for Rs 40,000.

For those who haven’t been following console gaming scene long enough here’s a small stat for you: The original PS3 was priced at Rs 39,990 when it was launched in India back in 2007.

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  • Abhi

    It will be disappointing if they start pricing games at upwards of 4k. If thats the case i will just skip on the ps4 for a while. Sure the console price around 35-40k is okay for me as it is a one time investment but games priced at 4k is just a ridiculous price to spend on. Sorry but i will stay away for a year or two and see how prices go till then if this happens.

    • Aadarsh Nalluri

      sony wont get a shit if so.better luck next time.

  • tanmay ailani

    I wil wait for the price of the PS4 and its games to go down and will stick to my PS3 and PC , though i really want to play inFamous Second Son :)

  • luvai saboowala

    i dont think so that d price is true any ways will have to wait for it to officialy launch in india

  • Sagar Bhatia

    but why even it is 545 when its original price is 399$ and games price too as ps4 games are 60$ same as ps3 so why are they not 3500 and are 4500 especially ea and activision

    • It comes to around $545 after adding duties and taxes.

  • tumare ma ka saki naka

    Salo maa chuda lo apni bhain ke lavdo tumahere maa ko chodu ps4 ka prise 399$ se rs me badla jayee to us me 25000 rs ka hai ps4 yeha kya tumhare baap ka bhosra mar gaya kya jo 40000 me ps4 bech rahe ho

    • Abhi

      It’s the custom’s & duties here in India. When ps3 launched in India the price was around 40k. The reason is that the price of ps3 was $599. Indian rupee to dollar was around 40 at that time so that should come to 24k approx. But thanks to Indian taxes it cost around 40k i.e. $1000.
      Considering the dollar is much higher around 63 now the but the console price is $399 so it doesn’t change much for us. The price will be in range of 35-40k at launch unfortunately

  • add

    what is difference b/w launching ps3 price and ps4 price
    is this shit
    a bull shit
    hell and lost

    • Ritv12345

      PS3 was 599$ and ps4 400$

    • Abhi

      The difference is nothing really.

      Ps3 at launch = $599 * 40 (dollar/rupee conversion in 2007) + duties & taxes = 40k
      Ps4 at launch = $399 * 63 (dollar/rupee conversion now) + duties & taxes = 40k

      I am not sure about the difference in taxes then & now.

      • Rahul Nebhnani

        so why isn’t there a price difference in games
        60*63 =3780
        sold for 3999

        • The pricing of games depends on how they are imported. If the distributor imports a master disc and packages the game in India, it’ll be cheaper. On the other hand if full-packaged games are imported, they will cost much more.

        • Abhi

          Not sure…but as the poster below me explained might be the reason.

          Also games are something which we will keep buying for the console. So pricing them at 4k+ doesn’t seem a feasible option for both the seller or the buyer here in India. So if i own 10 games in a year i will be spending upwards of 40k for games itself which is too steep according to me.

          Hell even past generation for ps3 i owned games cheaper like Killzone 2-3 & Uncharted 2 for Rs 2500 at launch. So 4k+ is certainly a turn off for me and many others.

        • Rahul Nebhnani

          yep , unfortunately gaming is becoming a luxury in india :(

  • DaGeeZ

    To all you Indians out there… STOP!!!

    Do NOT buy a ps4, please go online and check out the MASSIVE list of bricked ps4s and hardware issues. Just don’t buy it, wait a few months for the dust to settle.

    Don’t waste that much money on something that is so poorly made… wait.

  • captcrunch88

    Fuck this Sony! No one will buy the console if you launch it anywhere above Rs.25,000/-.
    Why? Because there are tonnes of gadgets, specially super awesome smratphones that people want to buy but are not because of the price.
    And if such gadget lovers are not buying other product then they would definitely not buy your console which won’t be used much other than playing at home which also comes with such expensive games!!

    So be sensible and launch it at Rs.20,000/- or less. Otherwise be ready to fuck it up in India.

    • Patz

      Please use some sense mate, for it to be Rs 20k it means the price has to be around $320. Have you seen anywhere in the internet which is listing the PS4 at $320???? Also consider this the Indian Govt.. imposes a customs duty amount of 30% on any video game consoles, so take the US price of $399 and add 30% tax on that, that’s the price the PS4 will cost here in India, plus or minus a few thousand rupees. Sony cannot sell PS4 in India without paying the 30% of the per unit value to the Indian Govt. as tax.

      So be sensible and do the math and then come up with a price saying they should sell it at Rs 25k or below Rs 20k. Ya, if you wait 2 to 3 years you can buy it at the price you are asking for.

    • Rorossi

      am with you on this one, the games for PC are now starting from 1500 rather than 1k, and i’ve see em go as high as 3500-4k on games like CoD : G, BF4 etc

    • Rahul Agarwal

      Well put

    • Bharat Makhija

      This can only happen if dollar gets weaker and comes down to 50 or below. It’s not the fault of Sony. Designing the model+testing+improving+promoting+making titles+manufacturing costs+transportation costs+ custom duties+their small margin adds up to the final cost. Accept, it dude we Indians are the only ones who fucked ourselves up. We select the wrong leader, he hoards up all the money in his ass and gives us nothing but baba ji ka thullu and we keep watching. Indirectly, it depends on we people what the price of the console would be.

  • Anonymous

    the game price & console price will come down when rupees gets stronger to dollar till that time the price will be high for both.i think 30 thousand price is pretty good for PS4 console but for games it should not cross above 2500.

    • Abhi

      We will have to wait for the next govt to come in for that because clearly nothing’s happening till the current govt is in power which is a big failure on all fronts.

      edit : And yes Modi for P.M :-)

      • Mexi Cool

        Like Modi is going to sell PS4’s at cheaper cost!

        • Abhi

          Of course not directly. But he can improve the current pathetic state of our Indian economy which is suffering miserably under CONgress rule which would lead to appreciation of the rupee indirectly benefitting many of us no ?

          Maybe you lack reading skills or likely you are a congi troll.

        • Mexi Cool

          Some people think he can fly too ^_^
          anyways it annoys me to see modi retards yapping everywhere, be it sports, entertainment, game or any random section.

        • Abhi

          Nah…it’s the congi-enrega trolls who are on their payroll like you (or maybe you are a gandhi dynasty sycophant…only 2 types of characterless people in this world you see who would support this party for what they have done to this country) who are the real retards and the enemies of this country.

          Don’t forget to collect your nrega cheque for today from nrega office for defending the most corrupt party of them all :-)

  • TechOmanic

    Rs. 30K is the maximum upper limit for the PS4 if Sony really wants India as the next emerging market for high end consoles.

  • Smmo Rego

    Itz not true how come the xbox one and the ps4 will cost the same in india but in snapdeal they have listed the xbox one and ps4 price as 40000…For more information kindly search for playstation india in facebook and clear ur doubt with them.

    • The listing might be bogus, but PS4 launch price will be close to that. Read the Rumour #3 section in the post above for details.

    • Abhi

      Something is fishy about that for sure. Ps4 & Xbox one cannot be the same price now can it ($399 & $499). Also i have seen snapdeal for pricing stuff higher than what is. So lets hope that ps4 pricing comes to atleast around 30k-35k as the taxes will be taking the console price higher.

  • Mexi Cool

    My 55 inch 3d LED tv is desperately waiting!

  • Arunkumar Chinnadhurai

    Even Landmark has started to take pre-order for PS4 with Rs.500 voucher to shop games, here is the link: http://www.landmarkonthenet.com/sony-playstation-ps4-500-gb-black-pre-book-now-gaming-ps4500gb-26587197/

  • Mahesh S Nair

    From all the comments given below .. Majority is for ps4 … Anyone going for Xbox One ?