waytogo logoOnline travel agent Cleartrip has partnered with Melbourne-based Rome2Rio to launch Waytogo, a worldwide route-finding and booking service.The financial details and the deal period of the partnership have not been disclosed.

Waytogo allows one to find, plan and book their journey by air, sea, road and rail. It provides combination of services by air, sea, road, and rail when one searches for a route. For example, we searched for Mumbai to Paris route and it provided various options to reach the destination — direct flight to Paris and then a rail route to a place in Paris or flight to Zurich and then a rail route to Paris, among others. It also allows one to book the tickets from Cleartrip’s site and links to book rail, bus etc to external sites which provides the access in case the service is not provided by Cleartrip.

When we checked the service also offers routes for places we did not search for, however, that’s expected as the site is still in beta.

waytogo   Mumbai - Paris_compressed

The company claims that Waytogo covers 5 trillion routes, 2.5 million places, 670 airlines and 600 ground transportation providers including trains, buses, local transit, ferries etc.

No Multiple routes?

While the service allows one to search a route, it only allows to one to search a single route. If I am planning a trip or a vacation, I would like to search for multiple destinations and connections, along with a return trip on a single go. Here one has to search multiple times for different destinations.

Waytogo competes with Cleartrip competitor MakeMyTrip’s Route Planner, however, Route Planner only allows one to search domestic destinations, while Waytogo also allows international destinations. There’s also ixigo.com’s trip planner.