Mobile advertising network Vserv.mobi has launched HTML5 rich media ads that has features such as social sharing and A/B testing. These offering also include ad creative development, distribution, social capabilities, analytics and measurement for brands.The HTML 5 ads will also include interesting functionalities such as touch, click, drag, scratch, 360 degree view. The A/B testing functionality of ads will make it easier for marketers to run different ads parallely and test out which one performs better in real time.

The company has also announced that it will offer free HTML5 creative services to the marketers to test the mobile medium.



With these services, Vserv claims that its mobile advertising offerings for brands include
-Premium Inventory that includes full screen, ad units at launch & exit of more than 20,000 apps powered by AppWrapper platform
– Audience Targeting that is powered by AudiencePro platform
-Rich Media ads that are powered by HTML5 based rich media creation platform & team.
– Conversion Tracking that measures independent post-click actions such as app downloads, lead forms, video views and engagements.

Other developments

In 2011, Vserv had raised $3 million in Series A funding from IDG Ventures India. In April 2013, Vserv.mobi had partnered with Yahoo to monetize Yahoo’s premium Mobile advertising inventory across key South Asian markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Earlier this year, Vserv had launched the AudiencePro service, which allowed advertisers to improve targeting among Airtel customers in India, using anonymised audience data.

Some of the other key mobile advertising networks in India include Inmobi, Google’s Admob, Komli owned ZestAdsBertelsmann owned SeventyNine.