It looks like the Indian Army has launched a Facebook page that goes by the name ‘ADGPI – Indian Army‘, thereby expanding its social media presence after launching its Twitter account few months back.

The page seems to have been launched earlier this week, on May 15, 2013 and seems to be currently updated on a daily basis. It currently provides information like the welfare schemes available for soldiers, photos from the ongoing training programs like Yudh Abhyas 2013 and Army-related news like the Border Personnel Meeting with the Chinese Army among others.

Indian Army Facebook

On Its Approach To Social Media

While the page is still relatively new, what’s particularly interesting is the way the Indian Army is approaching social media in general. Remember that unlike other departments, the Indian Army is typically more reserved in providing public information, more so in real-time, due to the high security risks these information might pose, and the user’s knowledge on Indian Army initiatives is majorly limited to what they read and see on various media platforms. Hence, social media platforms can be used by the army to spread more awareness and possibly motivate more youngsters to join them. However, maintaining a balance between engaging the audience with more information while avoiding any leaks of classified information is crucial.

Its also essential to adapt to each social media platform and use them effectively. For instance, Twitter allows only 140 characters in each tweet and it works more like a river of real-time information, while Facebook allows one to elaborate more on each topics and offers a conversation-based approach. Its quite interesting to see that Indian Army adapting to both the platforms. It uses its Twitter account to post short news bits like any specific terrorist arrests and select photos from its training programs, while at the same time, it directs users to Facebook in case the information is more elaborate. We believe the organization will therefore probably use Facebook as a medium to elaborate on a few Army related initiatives and probably feature photos from various training camps from across the country.


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