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Google Translate Adds Support For Marathi Language

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Google LogoGoogle has added support for Marathi language for its Google Translate service. With this, Google Translate now supports eight Indian languages including Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. Globally, Google Translate supports a total of 70 languages at present.

Google however notes that this language is still in experimental stage and therefore the translations are expected to be less accurate as compared to other languages. It has also enabled a transliterated input method on the service, thereby skipping the need for Indic keyboards to type in Indic languages.

We tried to translate couple of sentences from Marathi to English but it failed to translate even basic sentences like ‘What’s the time?’. It appears that Google has started with couple of pre-defined sentences for translation. For example: What’s the time can be asked in couple of ways in Marathi — वेळ काय आहे? and किती वाजले आहेत? . Of course we believe this could improve over the time when people start giving suggestions to the service.

Google Translate

Indic language support In Google Products

In March 2013, Google Translate had also introduced offline language packages to its Android app with support for fifty languages including Hindi. One could download these language files on their Android phones and enable them from offline languages menu to make use of the service offline.

In the same month, Google had also introduced support for six Indic languages on Gmail on feature phone browsers and released a text input app called Google Hindi Input, which allows users to type in Hindi on their Android phones.


In May 2012, Google had introduced automatic message translation on Gmail with support for Hindi language and in June 2011, Google had added support for five Indic languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu for Google Translate. It had also added Hindi language support on Google Docs and launched YouTube Hindi in August 2009. In 2009, Google added support for Indian Language transliteration including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and more in Gmail.

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  • HK Jha

    An American company like Google spends money to research about translating various Indian languages while Indian govt seems to restrict itself to only the Hindi language. Is it not a shame that Indian government has become more foreign in its own country – congratulations to Google for taking Indian language (other languages than Hindi also) to next level, something not achieved by Indian central machinery.

    • Ken

      Hindi’s simplicity lies in India’s simplest Nuktaa and Shirorekha free and easy to learn Gujarati Script. In the past,holy Devanagari script was taught to pundits only but not to the masses.Why? and why teach now?

      • Pratham

        Not sure of Hindi “simplicy” – last check there are 4 letters for one Tamil Ka, 4 letters for one Tamil, 4 letters for one Ta, 4 for one Tamil Tha. That makes it a huge alphabet. I also understand not just Hindi, but other Indian languages also have such big alphabets.

        Tamil is India shortest script. No hard sounds and semi-phonetic script. Largest number of publications per population is in Tamil, include large number of technical and medical magazines.

        • Ken


          In order to retain two language scripts per Indian state,why not learn Hindi if impose upon in regional language script or via script converter?

          So many Devanagari scripted languages are slowly disappearing under the influence of sanskritized Urdu hidden in Devanagari script.