Airtel India has reported 43.49 million mobile Internet connections, up 4.85% quarter on quarter, which only 6.39 million are 3G customers; However, what is interesting about Airtel’s numbers this time is that the company added more 3G customers than 2G customers in the quarter: it added 0.8 million 2G customers, and 1.2 million 3G customers between January and March 2013. The numbers:

– 2.81 million mobile Internet customers added, lower than Idea’s 4.5 million.
– 41.48 million million Mobile Internet customers, up 4.85% from 41.48 million last quarter
– 6.39 million 3G customers, up 1.2 million (23.1% QoQ, on a low base) from 5.18 million last quarter
– 37.1 million 2G customers, up 0.8 million from 36.29 last quarter
– Around 23.1% of Airtel’s overall mobile customers are using the mobile Internet. Last quarter, it was around 22.8%
– Data usage: 23,937 million MBs of data transferred, up 21% quarter on quarter.
– Data ARPU increased 16.58% up at Rs 55 per data user, from Rs 47 per data user.
– Data usage up 187 mb per data customer, up from 16.28% from Rs 161 last quarter, and up from 133 MB the quarter before.
– Data realization per MB was Rs 0.29, flat compared with Rs 0.293 last quarter
– Data as a percentage of total revenue was up to 6.5% from 5.7% last quarter.

The company did not disclose the number of 4G subscribers, if there are actually any.

VAS & Messaging

Airtel’s non voice (Mobile Internet plus VAS and Messaging) segment’s revenue contribution increased to 17.4% of total revenue, even as the contribution from VAS and Messaging declined to 9.1% from 9.9%, and that of data increased to 6.5% from 5.7% last quarter.

Financials: Airtel reported consolidated revenues of Rs 20,448 crore, up 9.2% year on year, India mobile data revenues up 71% year on year. Its consolidated EBITDA was Rs 6,487 crore, with EBITDA margin at 31.7%. Net profit for the quarter was Rs 509 crore.

Airtel’s India and South Asia business reported revenues of Rs 11,285 crore, up 7% quarter on quarter, mobile EBITDA of Rs 3526.7 crore, down 1% quarter on quarter.

Airtel revenues

Airtel Mobile KPI’s For India

Airtel KPI

A few things noticeable here:

– VLR percentage has registered a minor growth for the quarter. Together Idea Cellular and Airtel have the highest percentages of active users in the Indian market.
– Increase in subscriber base: Airtel reported a positive  growth of 3.46% in connection base.
– Increase in traffic: 14.5% increase in total minutes, though Airtel hasn’t shared minutes of use
– Minor Decline in Rate per minute: This is quite unexpected, but we might just see a change in the next quarter.
– Improvement in churn:  Churn improved to 3.2% from 5.9% in the previous quarter.


Airtel Telemedia

Airtel’s Telemedia business is seeing minor growth – the revenues have increased quarter on quarter to Rs 962 crore, up from Rs 956 crore, with an increase in ARPU to Rs 978 from Rs 973. Airtel reported a broadband (DSL) customer base of 1.39 million.