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Twitter has extended its local trends to 21 Indian cities, as a part of its global expansion of trends to 160 more locations.

Previously, in May 2012, Twitter had added its local trends to five Indian cities including Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Delhi; it had begun including Indian cities with Mumbai in April 2011, along with 69 other locations across the world.


To view localized trends, users can go to the Trends section on, click on ‘change’ button and choose their preferred city to get trends for the respective city. Local trends were introduced in January last year, to essentially highlight popular conversations happening on a state or city level.

In February 2013, Twitter had appointed Rishi Jaitly to head Twitter India. For the sixth edition of IPL Twitter had partnered with the IPL Management to develop several applications and features, in a bid to provide an interactive experience for all the cricket fans; the company appears to be focusing heavily on TV integration in India.

There are other third party web apps that provides local trending topics such as Trendsmap, however, for users it’s much easier to track trending topics from Twitter itself. This also means that the localized trending topics are available on Twitter’s smartphone apps, however, its usefulness on aiding discovery is debatable. Personally, I hardly make use of Twitter’s localized trending topics on my smartphone.