Amazon LogoAmazon is expanding its Android Appstore to nearly 200 countries including India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and South Korea among others.

This will be quite a significant expansion for the company since the Appstore is currently available only in seven countries including US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan.

Amazon said the Appstore will go live in these countries in the coming months, although its not exactly clear as to when the Appstore would go live in India at the time of writing this article. When it does launch, Amazon Appstore will compete with Google’s Play Store and third party app stores such as, Opera App Store, Mobango, Slide Me, among others. More the app stores means better visibility for developers as each app stores would have their own programs to promote apps.

Indian Developers Can Now Submit Apps

Following up to the launch, Amazon has invited third party app developers in these regions to submit their apps for distribution through Amazon Appstore. Interested developers can submit apps by registering for a new account at the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal and paying an annual development fee of $99 (Approx Rs 5,334). Developers can sell both free and paid apps on the Appstore.

In addition to this, Amazon added that the Appstore has added the ability to price apps in CAD (Canadian Dollars) and BRL (Brazilian Reals) and the ability to add localized description for Brazil (Portuguese). Note that Amazon currently doesn’t offer the ability to price app in Indian rupees or the ability to add localized description for India, but we believe that Amazon will probably roll out these features in time for the Appstore launch few months down the line. Remember that both Apple and Google already offer localized app pricing for developers and consumers in their respective app stores.

Services: Amazon informs that its Appstore will feature e-commerce features like 1-Click purchasing, Amazon’s In-App Purchasing (IAP) APIsAmazon A/B Testing, and GameCircle, Amazon’s gaming experience for Kindle Fire. Just like Google Play store, Amazon will also take a 30% cut from developers on each paid app sale and each in-app transaction, as indicated by the company FAQs.

Amazon had also recently launched a Mobile Ads API and its virtual currency called Amazon Coins, for U.S. customers, through which they could purchase apps, games, and in-app items on their Kindle Fire.

For users in India

The Android Appstore rollout strengthens the fact that Amazon will be rolling out its Android tablets like Kindle Fire HD in India in the forthcoming future. Remember that Amazon has already tied up with the IT distributor Redington India last month to sell Kindle devices in the country.

The Android tablet launch could also possibly pave the way for Amazon to extend other content services like music (CloudPlayer), movies and television programs (Amazon Instant Video), it currently offers in select regions like the United States. Amazon had extended Kindle e-book store to India last August, however its competitors Google and Apple have also started offering other content forms through its iTunes store and Google Play respectively over the last few months.

(With Inputs from Vikas SN)