Dexetra, the company behind Iris (an android clone of Siri), and Friday, an application which tracks an individuals usage of the mobile phone, has raised between $1-2 Million from Sequoia Capital and Qualcomm Ventures, reports Techcrunch. Friday reportedly plans to integrate with Qualcomm’s AllJoyn, and has shifted its 17 member team to San Francisco; there is a recent trend of Indian startups looking to move to Silicon Valley, since it gives them access to talent, investors, potential customers, and a slightly more evolved user base.

This is essentially a confirmation of a deal which was being negotiated through most of last year – we first heard about it in July, and it was reported and denied in November.  At that time, NextBigWhat had reported $3 million in funding for Dexetra, and only Sequoia Capital as investing. One97 Mobility Fund* had invested an undisclosed amount of money in Dexetra in November 2010, and Vijay Shekhar Sharma, MD of One97 Communications*, told MediaNama that they haven’t exited, but haven’t participated in this round.

More Applets

Techcrunch adds that Friday is launching a photo and a music applet, as a follow up to the launch of its Trails applet, which plots a users travels on a map. Another applet planned is a phone dialer app which predicts people who a user is most likely to call. The company is planning to shutter its Iris app as well, to focus on Friday.

But Does It Work?

When I’d used the Friday application last year, it was buggy: whenever I’d try to access it, I’d get a ‘incorrect login/user not found’ message, while being shown as logged in at the same time. I uninstalled it. Perhaps they’ve managed to make it work, but even after I reinstalled it later in the year, alongwith the Trails applet, it just too a little too long to begin giving me data on my usage, and I really couldn’t find a reason to keep it, and hence uninstalled it again.

Not surprising then that Friday only has 120,000 users (how many of them active?).