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Indiatimes Mail To Shut Down By 18th February 2013

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Times Internet Ltd* is pulling the plug on its email service Indiatimes Mail. According to a notice on the site, the service will stop accepting new users from 19th November 2012, and Indiatimes email will itself permanently shut down from 18th February 2013, at 12 PM Indian Standard Time. Hat Tip: @dinakaran

Why this is particularly interesting is that email has usually been a tool for ensuring regular usage of horizontal portals: Yahoo India, for example, is believed to get much of its traffic in India for its email service, and the landing page (Yahoo.com) benefits as a result, providing access to news and information to its visitors, contributing multiple pageviews as a result. Ditto for MSN India; this is also probably one of the reasons why In.com had added email to its portfolio of services; India.com initially pitched the India.com email address to its users. Email is supposed to contribute not only regular usage, but also significant pageviews. In addition, there are email footer ads on offer for advertisers.

Times Internet Ltd could have decided to shut it down if the return on investment on email wasn’t significant: it wasn’t contributing significantly in terms of pageviews or revenues. We’ve written to TIL for more on this.

Copy of the notice on Indiatimes.com below

This is to inform that the Indiatimes.com Email Service will stop accepting new users from 19th November, 2012.


The Indiatimes.com Email Service (“Service”) will be discontinued and shall be permanently shut down with effect from 18th February, 2013 at 12 PM (Indian Standard Time).

You will no longer be able to send or receive mails or access your account for the purpose of reading mail and/or transfer any data (i.e. emails, tasks, documents, folders, appointments, and/or contacts) currently saved in your account post 18th February, 2013 – 12 P.M(Indian Standard Time).

Update: Details on how to download your mails here

*Disclosure: Times Internet is an advertiser with MediaNama.

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  • Good move, should have done it a long time ago. It is an awful business to be in as most of the costs are usually about dealing with spam and feature set-wise it is hard to take on any of the established email providers, even if those costs have come down (relatively speaking) in recent years.

    I guess the focus now will move to the million accounts on My Times. Hope it does not suffer the same fate as itimes.com, which has over time decayed and strayed quite a long way away from what it was meant to do.

    Are they still running on Zimbra (site seems to be down at the moment)? Does this cover Meramail too, which in any case a glorified Zimbra reseller program?

    They still need a lot of consolidation of various product lines and at some stage address the odd situation with TBSL.

  • Fantastic decision ! . When media organisations are burning cash running various irrelevant portals with traffic only from their office , this comes as a sensible and bold move. 

  • joey89924

    Does this cover Meramail too, which in any case a glorified Zimbra reseller program?


  • Arvind

    Instead of completely pulling the plug; Indiatimes should have gone the Sify way when they transferred their e-mail services to gmail and limited their role to only as administrators. The complete stoppage means a lot of discomfort for the users using the service for as long as 13 years.

  • what happened ?