is a mobile music messaging platform which allows users to create personalized music-oriented audio messages and share it with their friends. The company officially launched its service at the ongoing MobileBeat conference in San Francisco and has raised $300,000 in angel funding through public sources in Finland. The service will be available across Europe, United States, China, India, and Russia.

The app works on a freemium model and is currently available for free download on the iTunes App store for a limited period. The app is presently ad-free but there is an in-app $0.99 purchase for genre-driven music packs with renewable subscription models. The company plans to launch freemium version with ads and free music packs shortly and a premium version without ads and more voice effects and visuals, later this year. It also plans to launch an Android version on the Google Play store shortly. Regarding ads, claimed that its service is optimized for mobile audio mixing and messaging, and it can be customized for mobile marketers to deliver audio messages on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


How it works: The app offers background tracks comprising of music, pre-recorded loops and sound effects, which the user can play around with, and mix it with his own message which he can record within the app. The user can then save the message in the library or share it via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and SMS. A link is created for the clip and users who don’t have the app installed can also access the sound clip.

Music Packs: The app currently offers a Dubstep pack, a Happy Birthday pack, a Dance pack along with a default Melodio pack. has also partnered with to offer a Reggae music pack, Hip Hop music pack, Electro music Pack, Drum & Bass music pack and a dance party music pack and is currently in discussions with Finnish retailers and major music labels to offer customized music packs. stated that it will continuously update its music catalogue based on popularity and demand.

Users can preview and download different music packs using an onscreen slider or search for genres from ‘Happy Birthday’ messages to different beats and vocal styles.

Similar offerings: Voice messaging company Bubble Motion offers a social mobile messaging service ‘Bubbly‘ and recently released an Android app for Indian users and extended its iOS app globally, after launching it for South-East Asian countries in March 2012. The service has also been deployed on several mobile networks in India, including AirtelReliance and Vodafone and the company had claimed that it has 16 million users at present, with a million new users across Asia in the month of March.