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Updated: Who Owns This Strange Looking Car?

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Updated below

This gets curioser and curioser: the folks at OnCars spotted a car with a camera fitted on top of it, roaming the streets of Mumbai last week. The cars appeared to have cameras fitted in a manner similar to Google’s Street View cars, and fit the description of cars that a friend of mine had spotted in Delhi on March 15th this year, but had been unable to take photos. Google has categorically denied that these are street view cars: in a statement to MediaNama, the company has said that “The story is inaccurate and misleading as Google Street View cars are not operating in India.”

More images* and a video of the car at BGR, here.

Google will, of course, deny having Street View cars in operation in India, given that it ran into something of a road block last year when it launched the service without clearances from the Central Government, Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Truth.

Which leads us to some unanswered questions: who owns and runs these cars, and if Google isn’t allowed to operate its street view cars in India, then who is? If another company has been given permission to shoot on the streets in India, when why hasn’t Google? Is this a government project, and is Bhuvan trying, once again, to do the Google thing?



It’ s been seen before:



* Image reproduced here with permission from BGR India

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– Google To Launch Controversial Street View Project In Bangalore, India

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  • MapyMyIndia has upped its street level maps. Could it be them?

    • nope. MapMyIndia told BGR that it’s not them.

  • Anonymous

    The car is also violating the rule of not displaying the license plate. Check out the pictures both the front and rear license plates are missing. 

  • very exclusive information. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kapil Thakar

     Wht ever It can help us future.. it should be allowed….

  • Raj Kapoor

    Probably just a government vehicle doing surveillance work. Nothing to get excited about…