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Update: The TRAI has indeed blacklisted five telemarketers including OnMobile Global, Starpowerz Human Resources, Voicegate Technologies, Seraja Technologies and mCarbon Tech Innovation. Despite contacting OnMobile CEO, Arvind Rao, several times, we have not heard from him.

We apologise for incorrectly interpreting lack of awareness of the order as a denial from the TRAI, and for the inaccuracy in our reporting, arising out of it. We thank our readers for pointing this out. Here is the screen-shot of the list of blacklisted telemarketers on the TRAI’s NCPR website:

Earlier: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India – TRAI, has denied blacklisting mobile VAS provider, OnMobile on the grounds of violating  telemarketing regulations. The news about the authority blacklisting the company was reported by The Hindu.

The report had mentioned that the TRAI had sent a notice to telecom operators to disconnect links with OnMobile within a period of three days and submit compliance reports. However, OnMobile had denied receiving any formal communication.

Update: On being contacted by MediaNama, a TRAI spokesperson said that he was not aware of any such development.  He categorically mentioned that if there would have been any communication related to blacklisting, it would have been made public on the TRAI website. OnMobile CEO, Arvind Rao, did not take our calls. We have sent a text message to him asking for a confirmation, and will update the post as soon as we hear from him.