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List of 104 Music Sites That The Indian Music Industry Wants Blocked

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The Indian Music Industry, a consortium of 142 music companies, announced today that it has obtained orders from the Calcutta High Court directing all Internet Service Providers (387 in all) to block access to 104 music sites from India. We’ve obtained a list of sites that the IMI wants blocked:

1. 22beats.com
2. absongs.com
3. apniisp.com
4. apunkabollywood.com
5. bollyextreme.com
6. bollymaza.com
7. bollywood-hits.com
8. bollywoodmp4.com
9. bollywoodstop.com
10. coolgoose.com
11. dacoolsite.com
12. desibajao.net/desihits.net
13. desifunda.net
14. desisong.com
15. dhakdhakradio.com
16. downloadming.com
17. freeindisongs.com
18. funmaza.com
19. gogrumogru.com/songs.ind.in
20. karachimag.com
21. koolfree.com
22. lovepaki.com
23. mastmag.com
24. mobraja.com
25. mp3fundoo.com
26. mp3paradice.com
27. musicduniya.com
28. musiqbuzz.com
29. muskurahat.com
30. netmasty.com
31. pakfellows.com
32. paktimes.com
33. playlist.pk
34. punjabcentral.com
35. radioreloaded.com
36. radiorhythmz.fm
37. radiorocking.com
38. rkmania.com
39. songbox.pk
40. songsinn.com
41. songsnonstop.com
42. songsrack.com
43. songsrip.com
44. songzila.com
45. topupmp3.com
46. town67.com
47. 100india.com
48. musicindiaonline.com
49. aflatune.com
50. bharatlover.com
51. cckerala.com
52. centralmusiq.com
53. chimatamusic.com
54. desimusic.com
55. desishock.net
56. dhool.com
57. dishant.com
58. filmicafe.com
59. filmimusic.com
60. fun1001.com
61. hindimirchi.com
62. sunomusic.com
63. telugufm.com
64. yolike.com
65. andhravilas.com
66. smashits.com
67. songdad.com
68. songslover.net
69. ragalahari.com
70. rameshmusic.com
71. freeplaymp3songdownload.com
72. freefundoo.com
73. desijammers.com
74. thenisai.com
75. mp3feelings.com
76. mazafm.com/hindimirchi.com
77. kjyesudas.com
78. jaanfm.com
79. gr8click.com
80. funscrape.com
81. chirkutonorkut.com
82. tamilmaalai.com
83. tamilkey.info
84. vmusiq.com
85. sevanthi.com
86. tamilwire.com
87. a2ztamilsongs.com
88. mymaza.com
89. germantamilan.com
90. 123music.mobi
91. desiden.mobi
92. longmp3.mobi
93. krazywap.com
94. mobile-zon.com
95. mymp3.mobi
96. samwep.com
97. spicyfm.com
98. wapindia.net
99. wapmaza.mobi
100. waprocks.in
101. mobidreamz.com
102. waptamil.net
103. zinkwap.com
104. songs.pk


Please note that we haven’t verified whether there is piracy on these sites: this is just the list of sites that the IMI wants blocked, via the court order. The first site that we heard of, earlier this month, was Songs.pk, which was subsequently blocked. However, it resurfaced later as Songspk.pk.

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  • good thing, first of all this will be a lesson to webmasters. but the list is very limited there are lot of small sites that are into similar business..

    • Bhawna

      how does that teach them a lesson?
      They can find other ways out.; like songs.pk becomes songspk.pk so how many petitions do we file or how many times do we block them?

      • Amit

        there is an infinite loop of anti-virus against virus. so attempts will be a continuous effort ! we shoudl publish the owners of these illegal portals in the news papers

        • Rahulpoonia
        • Amit

          funny this site mentions the management team and their percentage share, their photos…wonder if they are found behind jails in few months from now 

  • Bhawna

    Why is the Indian Music Industry trying to get these sites blocked. Rather why cant they try having a partnership with these site owners and let the system run the way it is?  

    • Sharad Ganpathi

      What a joke…its not a free ride. royalty charges for streaming are minimum of 50-70 % of your total revenues. which is primarily advertising. Free Downloading is a serious matter. Many such sites have enjoyed lot of money for last 5-10 yrs. Many of these illegal sites do convert to legal sites after acquiring sufficient traction in terms of traffic. For Example, French Deezer started illegally and now Legal , Raaga started illegally and now they may be partly Legal from major record labels , Phulki started illegally by aggregating content from smashits and now a part of legal Saavn Network. Many of these portals could sustain however some portals were sued heavily by T-series – Guruji,ibibo among others since these companies were heavily funded in millions of dollars. Rhydhun, an initiative by musicindiaonline was also turned down. There is a lot of happening in the online music landscape  in india such saregama opting out of PPL , IPRS no more required for online streaming.  All these illegal portals are absconding and never disclose their addresses. A heavy negligence by the licensing bodies in india helped these portals to thrive and its a time to clean the mess. So to answer your question it is impossible for record labels to partner with every site owners as every deal will be different depending on the funding acquired and/or users traffic per month. all these new illegal portals are allowing free downloads than just the free streaming which is a serious killer to music industry.        

      • Guide

        Why labels should be aware of funding ? Thats a bullshit question. Record Labels are frustrating sincere entrepreneurs to think of legal streaming. They ask for unfair royalty charges to stall them (
        http://www.medianama.com/2010/05/223-music-search-site-phulki-acquired-by-saavn-on-smashits-raaga-saavns-network/ ). Lucky Phulki, Raaga guys who started illegally. So there simply zero innovation in music experience coming in Indian Music. Record labels only want to earn money from suing entrepreneurs. That is their business model. 50-70% royalties based on sales. are you mad ? This is utterly unfair and is a  loss making business model. the leftover of 50-30 % margin will have to costs of streaming, salaries, bandwidth.so the entreprenuer earns a profit of 1 % ? Look and compare the royalties charged to  terrestrial FM radios. thats very very minimal compared to online music streaming.  So try to sympathize with entrepreneurs who wants to start legally. Bottom line – Record labels must make the royalty rates transparent and published on their website. Unless they do that this will be the same story of battle between  legal and illegal streaming.    

        • Email

          Rightly said !

      • Sardar

          licensing bodies what a joke they can never find out a way to block these kind of sites, technically asses are working in government offices

  • Since this comes post Flyte (Flipkart’s DRM free MP3 store for Bollywood music, etc), I think Bollywood is justified here. Music is available now at a reasonable price (at least in India). 

    • Bhawna

      or may be my favorite – itunes when they are launched in India ! 

      • Flyte offers DRM free music.

        • Admin

          Funny type of Bitrate,without proper Album Art,Incomplete Album,5-6 Label available hai.Flyte ekdam bakwas hai.rare 90s album music store pe nahi milte hai is liye sab ***.pk se dload karte hain.jiske paas Internet Banking nahi hai woh tere account pe shopping karega?

  • Stop Piracy

    This list is incomplete. There are forums like Punchapaadam.com and sites like 123musiq.com that is a major source of pirated content these days.

  • NoSongs@songs.pk

    Good work Indian government. songs.pk is worst piracy spreader in India… 

  • kataanglover1

    Congrats on getting mentioned on Torrentfreak! 

    Regarding this situation: You probably made the worst decision by blocking websites. If a criminal wants a gun, they’ll get a gun, no matter the laws that say that guns are illegal. Also this style of action promotes censorship on the internet. That is the last thing we need.

    Piracy is not a price issue. It’s a service issue. It almost always has been. Do not treat the pirate websites as criminals but more along the lines as competition. Their product just happens to be free and of a higher quality. Fix your antiquated ways and evolve your industry to fit the modern times, or be left in the dust, all because you believed that your dinosaur model of an industry still worked. Apple did it with iTunes (to an extent), so why can’t you?

    • Shakeel

       This is I N D I A. For Apple US laws were transparent !!

      • kataanglover1

        But the same concepts apply. They found a way, so it’s not impossible.

      • Check out Flipkart’s online music store – that’s the way to go. And it’s not much unlike the iTunes store, but it’s better in one way that it offers DRM(Digital Restrictions Management) free music.

        • Aditya

          Hungama tried this model with DRMed Music. Hummaa tried this model with DRM free music. Hardly any success. Remember that only in the whole World Indian invented ”missed call” concept. Indians will do all they could to save money and find the next best (cheapest) offer/solution in the market. Although I must agree Flyte is a fist of its kind initiative in india by a e-commerce portal. 

        • Time for us to support Flipkart’s initiative.

  • So, the LOSERS in the Indian music industry wants these sites shut down? Over our dead bodies!! They think they are THAT smart? Guess what? We are smarter! Any music I can hear on the Internet, I have a way of adding to my collection. Plus, I will borrow all my friends collections and step up copying. Moreover, as of now, I will stop spending to legally add to my HUGE collection – so much for having spent my hard earned money to support these shameless parasites. I hate them!

    • Shakeel

       New generation will act differently dude. The folks who think like you will be of obsolete mindset in coming 30 years.lets see how this unfolds 

      • Do I look like I give a damn what happens in 30 years, dude? Anyway, you say the new generation will act differently? What does that mean? I see the new generation eagerly downloading everything under the sun! They invented downloading. If you think they are going to stop, you are sadly out of touch! Go back to your books…

      • Obsolete mindset? You sir have no brains if you think that this mindset is obsolete. If anything, it’s the business model & the way the entertainment industry seems to be too keen to stick to that ancient business model, what’s obsolete. Like many forward thinking people in the entertainment industry have already said, piracy, for the most part is a service issue. Improve the service & a huge chunk of it will go away. And by improving the service, I mean cost, availability, features and more.

        •  Agreed, Akshay. That totally clueless, confused guy has it *backwards*! Yeah, the new generation is certainly acting “different”. In the old days, you had to run to the store and buy the CD. Today, in the age of the MP3 and iPod, it is instant gratification and convenience. And, that did not start happening until MP3s came along in late 1994. In the next “30 years”, the music industry will really learn that heavy-handed tactics will *not* work. Give value for the service and product and users will beat a path to their doors. Screw them and they will get screwed back a hundred times over. Shakeel is quite delusional. LOL.

        • Shakeel

          Come on …my comments were completely misinterpreted. in last 10 years piracy proliferated. There are only big 3 events in the music industry. 1. Napster, 2. iTunes and 3. Spotify. Since the rules were not incomplete and inadequate people like Napster found the grey areas to share music download freely. and eversince that mp3 formats were shared and it became a custom and also a mindset for consumers that free music downloading is my birth-right.now imagaine this was not to happen then records labels would have been happy since people would have still paid for the CDs. With repsect to digital music download and streaming in Indian music landscape, the virus has dissiminated so deeply that it was unstoppable for the record industry to at least curb those illegal pirates. my point of view is that if laws are in place and awareness is there in youngsters about the legality of digital music anti-piracy attitude can be seeded and it will be a big tree in 30 years from now. you are barking because it is the free mindset that inhabituated in you….I know if you keep one rotten mango in a basket full of mangos all mangos will be rotten but next time if you add extra checks for evey mango to put in the basket then certainly one day good things are ought to happen. so happy dreaming chimerical visions. mess on the ground is getting cleaner…step by step.

        • Guest

          You’re an idiot. Watch this – http://www.southparkstudios.com/full-episodes/s07e09-christian-rock-hard . Maybe you will learn something.

        • Shakeel
      • Sardar

         Songs composed by Small time composers will never be reached if these kind of sites are blocked and it is next to impossible to block each and every site specially by the dumbest government employees

  • Ambuj Lawania

    What will happen is that the websites will obtain new domains :)

  • It was only a matter of time before people stopped visiting these sites on their own. All of the Bollywood songs are available for unlimited free streaming on http://www.saavn.com. They even have a free iPhone/Android app with unlimited streaming.

    • Anu

       Mobile main straeming ka bill kaun dega baar baar sunne ka ?

      • Wifi pe sun na.

        • Anu

           WIFI nahin hai . phir?

  • LOL…thanks for the 104 music sites listing portals I never knew existed! Now that I have a complete list of all the sites you do not like, I can proceed to download to my heart’s content – I will still get these sites here in the U.S. So, if you live in India, you are SOL. Also I am going to circulate this list heavily so my friends, their friends, and their friends, can all take advantage rightaway!

  • Yep, the good old Indian approach of taking a sledge hammer to a peanut to break it open. Trying to protect an outdated business model by undermining the free nature of the internet. Orwellian world, here we come.

  • This is not a solution , songs.pk blocked but it relaunch as songspk.pk ,
    if Music industry really want to curb on piracy than they have lower their prices

    • LOWER THE PRICES???? CAN’T YOU PAY Rs. 12 / song ?

      You know what? You will always look for excuses. :D

      • Ab

        agar bhikhari ko 12 rs dene ko kaho to tu nahin dega. right ? waise kitne gane tune kharide hai ab tak ? apne dil pe hath rakhkar batana :P

      • Sardar

         What if you pay and find the music is pathetic afterwards?

  • Music industry is failed to curb on these website reason is if they block one they will create 100.
    Actually these website also promote their songs free of cost.
    lets see what will happen ?

  • Gaurang

    Well I use to download from mobi666.com
    Itna corruption bad raha hai Woh nahi dikh raha hai bas piracy ke issue pe lage pade hai..

  • Ahi
  • Alekhya

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  • A455445sa


  • Sagar

    Sell an album at Max 30 bucks online or an individual song at Rs 5. I think this is the max an average Indian consumer will love to pay to buy music legally. it will certainly bring down the level of piracy. Its all about changing habits. No one can fully eradicate piracy specially when your roadside CD/DVD wala sells an mp3 disc at Rs 50 which contains songs of 10 – 15 movies its really lucrative cheap music as it saves your data download cost as well….

  • Vickyicy1234


    gonna launch a new site giving all the details of person living india with their adress all you have to do is just enter the no.quite intresting  if sm 1 fake call we can track it…friends…..and like dirty mind got a girl no. soo hehehe

  • Why don’t indian industry lower price automatically piracy will be an issue of past

  • Aaa

     I got to know many new websites to download Bollywood music through this article

  • Lalit Ua

    Blocked music sites by Calcatta High Court are working now, Why?
    why was neglected the order of court? if this order is not followable than why was given the unusual order?
    I think this order was given due to two reasons-
    1– a silent pressure was given by these unpopular music sites to be popular.
    2-  Bribery (rishwat) was being given to the court by these short term blocked music sites.

    9953253911    lalit singh

  • Aircelmass

    thala very mass

  • Godfather45638

    Why is chimatamusic blocked?  Its is just a telugu classic movies music webstream site.